3D rendering of camera drone carrying small cottage and putting it down to two identic cottages standing on a light blue background

How to Start a Drone Business for a Real Estate Market?

Starting a drone business for the real estate market is an exciting and profitable venture. Luckily, the business opportunity is not limited to a few: From realtors to videographers, photographers, drone pilots, or a combination of all can start this business. How do you start a drone business for real estate market? You start a …

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A soldier using drone for scouting military operation.

How Drone Strike Works?

Drone strikes are an effective counterterrorism strategy. Initially, the US military was the sole user of this technology in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, and Pakistan. Today, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and military groups like the Houthis have increasingly deployed the technology.  How do drone strikes work? Drone strikes work by firing a missile, dropping …

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UAV Drone Jammer System Anti Drone Restricted Area Technology No Fly Drone Zone Area Drone Gun

Can Drones Be Jammed?

As drone technology becomes a significant part of our lifestyle, it’s unfortunate that some drone pilots use them for criminal acts. For example, some drone pilots use the devices to sneak mobile phones, drugs, and other prohibited stuff into prisons.  Consequently, the need for counter-drone technology, including detective and defensive approaches, has risen. One of …

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Drone with surveillance camera flying in night sky

Why Are There Drones in the Sky at Night?

With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) easing drone ownership and flying regulations, it’s now the norm to see drones flying often. Even there are drones at night The various industries, including filmmaking, mapping, surveying, photography, and even recreation, use drones. What’s worrying is when you spot drones at night. Since they aren’t easy to spot, …

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