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PowerVision Power Egg X: The Most Versatile Drone 2021

Whether you’re a beginner drone flying enthusiast or a professional with many amazing drone piloting skills, finding the perfect professional quality 4K drone can be a difficult ordeal. Well, not anymore due to the Powervision PowerEgg X.

You might be wondering, how does the PowerEgg X fare in front of the competition? Is it good, and what kind of features does it pack in it? Well, these and many other questions I’ll be answering today.

The PowerVision PowerEgg X results from the incredible innovation and technological advancement of PowerVision that comes with 4K record ability, many AI and deep learning features, 6GBs of storage, and a modular body that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

However, that’s not it. There’s much more to this drone that I’m going to be covering completely in this review. So, make sure you read this article till the very end before you buy it.

PowerVision Technology Ltd.

Powervision is an aerial and underwater robotic device manufacturing company that was established in 2009. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company has become one of the consumer UAV industry front-runners over the years.

The company aims to combine high-quality technology and innovation to make some of the best water-surface, under-water, and aerial robotic devices that feature incredible specs and provide the best of what AI technology has to offer.

With hundreds of dedicated and hardworking employees who strive to provide amazing creative results, Powervision has operations running in many different countries, including China, the US, Finland, and Japan, among others.

You can find the incredible robotic devices PowerVision creates worldwide through import or through the vast network of their sales, which goes around 90 countries.

Logo in Black and White of PowerVision Technology Ltd.
PowerVision Technology Ltd. logo

PowerVision PowerEgg X: The Drone Itself-

The PowerVision PowerEgg X is a modular, high-quality, 4K 60fps recording, AI drone, and camcorder that comes packed with incredible features and specs. It comes for a reasonable retail price of around less than $1000, and that’s why the value is great.

The absolute pinnacle of the innovation and creativity of PowerVision led them to create the beautiful PowerEgg X. It is a multi-functioning camera device that allows you to record beautiful scenes and take stunning shots any environment.

If you buy the Wizard Package for the PowerEgg X, which comes for around $200 above the normal price, the PowerEgg X becomes entirely waterproof, being able to record in the rain as well as land and fly off water, which is amazing.

Infographic about PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone
Infographic about PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone

What’s in the Box?

I just bought PowerEgg X drone which does not come with the Wizard Accessories box so, it was just one box for me to open and take an overview of. Here’s what you’re going to see when you unbox the PowerEgg X drone box.

PowerEgg X Drone Box:

  • The PowerEgg X Drone.
  • Two feet along with propellers.
  • USB cables.
  • Remote Controller.
  • Instruction Manuals.
  • Two Plugs for Multi-function Usage.
  • Protective Bag.
  • Charging Brick.
  •  Handheld Camera Strap.

PowerEgg X Accessories Box: Comes with the Power Egg X Wizard-

  • Waterproof Housing.
  • Extra Propellers and Cables.
  • Two Water Floats for the Feet.
  • Spare Battery.
PowerVision Power Egg X drone unboxing
PowerVision PowerEgg X comes in a good protective bag.

What Is so Unique About the PowerEgg X?

You might be wondering, what’s the unique selling point of the PowerEgg X that I should prefer to buy over other professional camera drones? Let’s take a look at why the PowerEgg X is such a unique AI camera drone.

What truly makes the PowerEgg X unique is that it isn’t a normal camera drone. It is a handheld camera placed on a tripod, used as a drone camera, waterproof, and land on and take-off from water.

Features of the PowerEgg X Drone:

We know what the PowerEgg X is, and we’ve taken an overview of the drone, but there’s so much yet to discover. Let’s take a look at all the incredibly amazing features and specs of the PowerEgg X sports before making your final decision.

4K UHD Camera –

The 12MP camera comes with 4K UHD record ability at 60fps and can take stunning shots as well. You can switch to 1080P for 120fps and 720P recording resolution for 240fps slow-motion recording.

Landscape shot by PowerEgg X Drone
An Image shot from PowerEgg X (tomsgide.com)

Waterproof Accessories –

If you buy the Wizard Package, you’re going to get the waterproof accessories, including the waterproof drone housing along with waterproof floats that make PowerEgg X the perfect drone for recording in rainy conditions.

Flight Range –

The flight range of this drone camera is another remarkable feature. It can stay connected to the controller and application far as long as 3.7 km, which is outstanding by drone transmission standards.

Battery Life –

The PowerEgg X can be used as an AI handheld camera for 3.5 hours at a time, while in the form of a camera drone, it can be flown for 30 minutes on a single charge which is superb.

Modularity –

The drone camera is in the shape of an egg. On its own, without the propellers and feet, the drone is super compact, modular, and easy to store.

3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer –

The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer allows you to attach a gimbal with the PowerEgg X and experience no distortion or vibration while recording your videos and taking pictures.

Multi-function Mounting Options –

There are multiple filler mounts and usable mounting pieces that you can choose from when you’re deciding between using the PowerEgg X as a handheld or a drone camera.

AI features –

This device comes with various AI features and deep-learning functionalities. You can use the Follow Me facial tracking mode and the Obstacle Avoidance features, and this AI camera’s RTF function.

SyncVoice –

A very innovative and impressive technology is the SyncVoice function of PowerVision. It can record your mobile’s high-fidelity microphone voice and sync it to the footage being recorded by your PowerEgg X, which saves time you might need to put a voice-over on it.

Remote Controller –

The controller comes with an adjustable smartphone holder and durable construction and two very high-quality analog sticks for the movement and control of the camera in drone form.

How to Set up and Fly the PowerEgg X?

Now, the process of setting up the PowerEgg X is pretty easy, but not everyone’s got the time to read the instruction manual to get things going. That’s why I’m here to provide you a step-by-step guide for setting up and flying the PowerEgg X.

Step 1: Remove the Protective Shells-

The first and foremost thing you’re going to want to do with the PowerEgg X is to get close and personal with it, and to do that; you’re going to have to remove the protective shells of the modular AI camera.

Take the bottom shell off by pulling it out, and there’s gimbal support under the camera that you’re going to want to squeeze and pull off before you use the drone for recording.

Step 2: Charging the PowerEgg X-

Once you’re done with the first step, you’re going to return to the basics. Before you take this bad boy out for flying, you’re going to have to charge it to full capacity.

There is a USB-c port in the drone that you can use along with the USB-c cable that comes in the box and the charging brick to charge your PowerEgg X camera drone battery. Make sure the battery is fully charged.

Step 3: Popping the Top Shell-

You can’t simply hold the PowerEgg X and use it recording. That’s why you’re going to have to take the top lid off of the camera to get more access to the drone structure.

There are buttons placed on either end of the PowerEgg X. Press these buttons, and the top-lid will come off easily, exposing the battery, memory-card slot, which is expandable to 128GB, and the mounting ports off the drone.

Step 4: Choosing your Mount-

Now it is time to choose your mounting option. There are multiple functions you can use this AI camera for. You can use the Handheld mounting strap, the tripod mount, or the drone mount depending upon your choice.

If you choose to use the PowerEgg X as a handheld camera, you’re going to fit the handheld strap on the right side of the top, whereas on the left-side, you’re going to place a filler mount, and you’re good to go.

Choosing to go for the tripod mount?

You can use the tripod stand mount on the right side of the device and attach a tripod to capture incredibly stunning shots and record stable 4K videos with the AI camera of the PowerEgg X.

But we’re concerned with, is the drone mount, though. Using the mounting pins on the drone’s left and right-side feet, you’re going to attach the feet to the device and pull the feet out to make it into a quadcopter drone.

Step 5: Using the Waterproof Accessories-

If you’re thinking of flying the drone in a rainy-weather, or you’re thinking of flying it over water for great shots and incredible videography, the waterproof accessories are super important.

Take the waterproof floats and put the drone’s feet inside them; once that is done, use the rubber straps to seal the floats to each of the drone’s feet tightly. Put the drone inside the waterproof housing and clamp all the latches to secure it.

Step 6: Working the Vision+ 2 Application-

PowerVision recommends using the Vision+ 2 application with the PowerEgg X. It is a super-easy to use and highly functional application that lets you control a lot with just a few clicks.

You can access the maps, different recording modes, resolution, gallery, settings, footage options, and many other elements simply from the front screen, which also provides live transmission at 1080P, which is fantastic.

Step 7: Flying the Drone-

Clicking on the Fly Button on the left-side, you’re going to slide the bar to the right to activate the propellers and get the drone in action. Use the remote controller to make all the pitches and rolls, and movements.

Take quick-shots, make time-lapses, use the AI tracking feature, and much more than the drone has to offer while you fly it over the seas, in the rain, strong winds, and other environments because this drone can take it all like a champ.

Credit: Billy Kyle

Is PowerVision PowerEgg X Beginner-Friendly?

All the features and options might’ve left you wondering, is the PowerVision PowerEgg X easy to control, or is it just a high-quality professional drone for skilled pilots?

It is super beginner-friendly with the easy interface of the Vision+ 2 application, the easy controls on the drone’s remote, smooth movement. Simultaneously, it is incredibly high-quality, which allows it to be used as a professional drone camera for videographers and aerial photographers.

What Are the Benefits of the PowerEgg X?

We’ve looked at all the features that the PowerEgg X comes with, but what are the benefits you’re going to find in this aerial drone that you might not find in others? Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of the PowerEgg X.

Compactness –

This device by PowerVision is incredibly modular and compact right out of the box. You can store it in the pouch that PowerVision provided since it can easily be built from scratch in a few minutes at flight time which isn’t possible for other drones.

Long Flight time –

Despite it being so easy to use and great for casual recordings, this drone has a better flight time than many front-running counterparts, with it lasting over 30 minutes in one go.

Amazing Camera Stability –

The firmware, along with the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, the camera of PowerEgg X is incredibly stable and reduces vibration and distortion. This was not possible in my older drones.

Super-easy Application –

Vision+ 2 is an entertaining and easy application to use. The interface is amazing, the features are great, and both beginners and professionals can use it without a problem.

Waterproof –

Before, if I flew my drones over the sea, I would be terrified because there would be no way of recovering them if they fell. With the PowerEgg X’s waterproofing ability, I don’t need to worry about this anymore.

This is the world first drone that can pick up sound.

Best Suited Uses of the PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone:

Well, what are the purposes and uses of the Powervision PowerEgg X? You might be thinking. For your ease, I’ve made a list of all the best purposes you can use this AI camera device for.

Handheld Videography:

Imagine you’ve got a birthday party or a memorable moment you want to record on a stunningly amazing camcorder with 4K recording and high-quality picture capturing results, then the PowerEgg X is what you need.

You can use it as a handheld camcorder and record the best moments of your daily life as much as you want because this device can record for up to 3.5 hours in one charge.

A person holding a power egg x drone as a handy cam.
PowerEgg X can be used a handy cam

Water Sports Recordings:

Due to the waterproof technology the Wizard package comes with, you can use this drone for recording watersports.

Whether it is in drone form or handheld form without worrying about it falling into the water or getting splashed by the waves using this drone’s amazing waterproofing accessories.

Professional Aerial Videography:

If you’re looking for high-quality 4K recording footage and you’re stepping into the professional aerial videography territory, then this can be quite an affordable starting option seeing professional drones from DJI and others can go up to $3000.

This drone has many incredible features and superb functionality options that you can use, and you can get this drone and the waterproof accessories for around $1250, which is quite great.

Best Places to Buy the PowerEgg X:

Well, what better place would there be to buy PowerVision’s PowerEgg X than from their online store? You can get the PowerEgg X from PowerVision’s official e-commerce store if it offers to ship to your area.

Otherwise, there’s always the option to go to Amazon and find the incredible PowerEgg X there. There might also be UAV retailers in your area that sell the Powervision PowerEgg X, so that’s also a viable option.

Pros and Cons:

Before you make your final buying decision, here are some pros and cons of the Powervision PowerEgg X you should look at.


  • Offers great value.
  •  High-quality AI tracking and other features competitors don’t have.
  • Waterproof.
  • Amazing Battery life.
  • Robust and comes with strong wind resistance.


  • Lacks a few raw recording modes.
  • Slower than other drone cameras.

Conclusion – Is it worth it?

So, finally, the question pops, is the Powervision PowerEgg X worth it? Yes, I believe it truly is. The price to value is absolutely amazing, and it is a technological masterpiece.

From the 4K AI camera features, to the incredible modularity, reasonable price, and amazing waterproof accessories, the PowerEgg X has all and then some to offer to you as a beginner or professional.

So, it would help if you surely got this drone and camcorder combo all-in-one as soon as you can. I assure you, you’re going to have an incredible drone flying experience with it!

Happy Flying!

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