Top 5 FPV Goggles for FPV Drones: A Quick Review 2022

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The last thing I want is slipping goggles while flying my drone, as they cause too much distraction. So, how about you?
If you have not had a fantastic FPV drone flying experience, you don’t own the right FPV goggles.

Since they’re a primary device when flying your FPV drone, choose the best one for the tremendous experience. 

The best FPV goggles should be comfortable, reliable, rich in features, efficient, and more. Finding the best goggles, in my experience, is not as simple as it sounds. For that reason, I have reviewed several top FPV goggles, so you can decide the one that fits your needs.

The best FPV goggles include DJI’s V2 Goggles, FatShark Dominator HD3, SKYZONE V2, FatShark Altitude V6, and the ARRIS VR-009 Mini.

Continue reading to find out which FPV goggles are best suited for you. Hopefully, you’ll have a better idea by the end of this review. 

Top 5 FPV Goggles:

Below are the top five latest FPV goggles in the market for your FPV Drones.

DJI FPV Goggles V2:

The DJI FPV V2 is among the best FPV goggles available, with a digital system. It’s more comfortable and has a higher clarity than other analog goggles. 


DJI FPV Goggles V2 has a unique high-tech design different from all other FPV goggles. Additionally, it has a three-strap t-shaped headband with adjustable height and width for comfortable use. 

It also has an active van system and seven vent holes – they prevent fogging.

Furthermore, it has interpupillary distance sliders that allow the goggles to fit people of all face widths.

HD Resolution:

It has a 1440x1080p resolution and produces a high-quality image. In addition, it has two high-quality glass lenses.


The four antennas on the front plate assure a stable video transmission. What’s more? The receiving wires are multi-band and operate both at 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.

Excellent Display and Large Range:

These goggles have a good display of 15.6 LED full HD and have a large field of view. They transfer a high-quality digital HD video with low latency over a distance of about 2.5miles.

3 Camera Modes:

This FPV goggle has three camera modes. When shooting at dusk, the LED Mode enhances saturation and decreases noise.

The Standard Mode reduces color loss during the day. And finally, the Racing Mode gives high image saturation.

Amazingly, it saves a live feed on the micro SD card where you can retrieve the footage if the drone is lost.

8 Channel Remote Controller:

The 8-channel remote controller supports eight drones simultaneously, which is great for drone racing. 

High Price:

The DJI FPV V2 goggles are costly. However, you need no more accessories, as they have a long-range built receiver. You can use it for racing editions without the need for any other goggles.

What I Like?

  • Adjustable T-shaped headband
  • 3 Camera modes
  • 8 Channel remote controller
  • High-quality image
  • Excellent display and an extensive range of 15.6 LED Full HD
  • Four antennas provide a stable video transmission

What I Don’t Like?

  • It’s costly
DJI FPV Goggles V2

DJI: The World Leader in Drone Technology

FatShark Dominator HD3 Core FPV:

The FatShark Dominator HD3 is also among the budget-friendly and simple FPV goggles. It’s a  top choice for drone pilots for its power and versatility. 

It’s also the newest FPV goggles in the Dominator HD series.


The FatShark design can accommodate many analog and digital inputs to produce the best. The screen of these goggles is made of glass and not plastic found on cheaper ones.

Therefore, you’re able to experience sharper and clearer images.


The ergonomic shape helps you have maximum head immersion; this blocks the light and eliminates glare on the sides. 

FOV (Field of View):

These goggles have a significant but slightly smaller FOV, making them a smaller device. It has no edge blur, and it’s easy to read the OSD info on the corners.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and HDMI Port:

The Fat Shark Dominator FPV goggles have a DVR that allows you to record the flight live stream received on your goggles. It also becomes easier to find your drone if it gets lost.

Moreover, the HDMI port enables you to connect to other devices like computers or Tv.

These enable the HD3 to have analog and digital inputs, thus producing outstanding images with minimal delays. 

Adjustable IPD (Interpupillary Distance):

The IPD technology is essential in FPV goggles. Adjustable IPD allows different face-shaped people to have the best flying view with FPV goggles by fine-tuning the image clarity.

High Image Quality:

It has an excellent FPV display screen of SVGA 800×600; therefore, the LED full HD offers sharper and high-quality footage. 

No Receiver/Antenna:

This model has no receiver on the FPV goggles, but it requires them, so you purchase it separately.

What I Like?

  • Accommodate many analog and digital inputs to produce the best
  • High image quality (SVGA 800×600)
  • Adjustable IPD (Interpupillary Distance)
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to record live streams
  •  HDMI Port
  • Slightly smaller FOV
  • Ergonomic shape helps you have a maximum head immersion

What I Don’t Like?

  • No receiver/antenna
FatShark Dominator HD3 Core FPV Goggles.
FatShark Dominator HD3 Core FPV

Skyzone SKY04X V2 OLED FPV Goggles:

The newest Skyzone analog goggles have it all. It has exceptional ergonomic controls, focus adjustment, and great clarity. Even in challenging conditions with the Skyzone SKY04X V2, you get clear and stable images.

OLED Screen:

It has a high resolution of 1280×960 and a vivid color screen. Additionally, it enables the screen to have a high contrast ratio and restores more color and details – thereby, allowing you to see detailed elements.

Focus Adjustment:

The new optics of the Skyzone SKY04X  have adjustable features and a large FOV of 46 degrees, thus no blurred edges. It enables the pilot to have a better immersive FPV experience.

Steady view Receiver:

It combines two signals for diversity, avoiding image rolling and tearing, providing efficiency and the best signal quality. As a result, it gives a clear and stable picture even in challenging conditions.

Built-in DVR:

It has a built-in digital video recorder; this makes it easy to record live stream footage. Furthermore, you can easily trace your drone if it gets lost. Featuring an SD card that supports up to 128 GB, there will be enough storage for you.

10 Languages on User Interface:

The new user interface has ten different languages for easy navigation and use by local users. 


Due to their easy design, it’s easy to navigate. It has a shuttle wheel control that takes away confusion with other buttons. So, you tweak all your settings by rolling the wheels without removing the goggles.

Interestingly, it comes in various colors. Therefore, you can choose your favorite one from a wide variety.

Advanced Screen Settings:

With a switchable aspect ratio, you can adjust the preset and customizable settings to fit outdoor flight, indoor, and weather. It has three customized and four preset settings.

Limited Instructions on Use:

The faceplate instructions aren’t clear; therefore, you have to dig into further instructions.

Large Screen:

The screen is enormous; therefore, the images aren’t entirely well focused on the edge.

What I Like?

  • OLED screen with a high resolution of 1280×960
  • Advanced screen settings
  • Shuttle wheel control
  • User interface with 10 languages
  • Steady view receiver
  • Focus adjustment with a large FOV of 46 degrees
  • Built-in DVR

What I Don’t Like?

  • Large screen that slightly blurs the focus on the edges.
  • Limited instructions on use
Skyzone SKY04X V2 OLED FPV Goggles

Fat Shark Attitude V6 Goggles:

It’s among the best analog goggles you can get on the market. Both beginners and experts can use the goggles as their design holds up to your daily workload.


The Fat Shark Attitude V6 goggles are designed for comfort and are light weighted. Additionally, they are compatible with a quadcopter or fixed-wing air drone to give you an incredible FPV.

FOV (Field of View):

A 39-degree FOV provides a deep, detailed first-person view experience. Besides, you can as well choose varying image ratios depending on the location. 

Analogue Diversity OLED Receivers:

They help send the live footage from the drone camera to the pilot. These goggles are fully equipped with interchangeable receivers.

Therefore, if one fails, there’s another in the waiting. Thus, you don’t need to spend more cash to buy another one. Furthermore, they can use the receivers with any drone that features a receiver module of 5.8GHz.

High-Resolution Focus:

It has a high-resolution focus with 1280×960 LCOS microdisplay panels plus adjustable diopters. You, therefore, experience better quality footage. 

In-built DVR:

It has an in-built digital video recorder that easily records high-quality flight video on the SD card. With this, you can replay the footage, and it can also help you locate your drone if it crashes.

HDMI Input Port:

It’s a helpful feature that connects your goggles with a computer or Tv. 

Two Set Lenses:

It comes with two sets of lenses, one for outdoor and another for indoors. It allows you to use it any time of the day or night.

Receiver Incompatibility:

When installed, the stock receiver is incompatible with FSV2414.

What I Like?

  • Comfort and are light weighted
  • Two set lenses for outdoor and indoor
  • HDMI input port
  • High-Resolution focus with 1280×960 LCOS
  • Analog diversity OLED Receivers
  • In-built DVR

What I Don’t Like?

  • Receiver incompatibility
Fat Shark Attitude V6 Goggles on the original packing
Fat Shark Attitude V6 Goggles

ARRIS VR-009 Mini FPV Goggles for FPV Quadcopter Drones:

For an extra pair of goggles for your audience, the Arris VR-009 is the best option. It’s also an excellent goggle choice for a beginner. This goggle is lightweight and has dual signal fitting.

Lightweight Design:

Designed for comfort, Arris VR-009 is small-sized and lightweight at 183g. With the double antenna, it gives stable signals. They are fantastic and affordable with a minimum budget.

LCD Screen:

The optics have an incredibly sharp image with a decent resolution of 480×320, giving you a good FVP experience. Its screen has a reasonable size, therefore, no strain on your eyes while looking at specific frame areas.

With full-color definition, it produces vibrant and bright images.

Double Antenna:

The standard frequency of 5.8 GHz makes a reasonable range for the receiver. Furthermore, the dual antenna produces stable signals resulting in lag-free and smooth video footage. 

Built-in Battery:

You can enjoy flying your FVP drone for longer using the Arris goggles. They have an irreplaceable high-capacity Li-ion polymer battery. The battery is charged through a USB interface.

It consumes little power with a working current of 360~400mA.

Built-in Receiver:

Its receivers are in-built and extremely sensitive. With a frequency range of 5.8 GHz with 40 channels, the receiver is faster, convenient, and easier to use when auto-searching.

What I Like?

  • Double antenna reception to improve the signal stability
  • Low latency and real-time video return
  • Built-in high-capacity Li-ion polymer Battery 3.7V/1200mAh
  • Small and light in weight, making it more comfortable
  • LCD screen display with high brightness
  • Super sensitive built-in 5.8GHz 40ch receiver
  • Supports external video signal input

What I Don’t Like?

  • No DVR function
  • Has limited features
Arris VR-009 Mini FPV Goggles

Final Thoughts:

To get the best goggles, consider the resolution, the field of view (FOV), IPD, and digital head tracking. 

Furthermore, the wrong FPV goggles cause eye strain, loss, or breakdown of the FPV quadcopter.

Thankfully, the FPV goggles I have reviewed have no edge blurs and have zero light intrusion. They also got high-resolution optics that put you in the middle of the action. What’s more?

The FPV goggles have varying sizes, styles, and features to suit every budget. Therefore, get an FPV goggle and explore this exciting world on your own.

The DJI FPV V2 digital goggles are my favorite for their rich features and compatibility with most drones.


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