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What Age Can Children Fly Drones? Parents Guide

With children constantly pointing at things and asking if they can have stuff, or seeing a TV commercial and asking to have ‘one of those’ you might be used to critically balancing whether to say yes or no. But what about them asking for a drone.

So, what age can children fly drones?

In short, somewhere around 6 to 8 years old a child is well-developed enough to get a beginner drone. The beginner drones vary in scope, but under 6 they might not have the skills. More complicated drones that have higher speeds are more recommended for children 14 to 16 years old.

Drone shopping for kids is not an easy task. The skills required to successfully pilot a drone can be considerable, and add in altitude, long distance, speed and situational awareness, giving you many considerations to make an informed decision.

The price of a drone is determined by its quality and specifications so there are many options when you would like to buy a drone for your kid as a gift, without breaking the bank. 

Nowadays kids are into drones in a big way, it looks like such a fantastic toy, and it’s a great way to get your children to be outdoors. The beginner drone should be start up friendly easy so you can start flying quickly.

The drone market for kids is huge and full of options. 

An Introduction To Beginner Drones:

Firstly, a drone is not a traditional type of toy. This is very important for your kids to know and they have to be educated about it before they even start flying for the first time. 

If possible try to practice your drones indoors before going outside. The major factors like YAY, Pitch and Roll are very important to know.


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Beginner Drones – What Age They Designed For?

There’s a whole market of beginner drones out there, designed specifically, for the first time flyer.

Here is the list of the best drones along with the age group. Altair drones especially excel in making drones for kids.

                        Drones                 Age Group
                Altair Hornet              8-10 years
                Altair 818 Hornet              14+ years
                The Outlaw SE              14-16 years 
                Eachine E010              8-10 years
                Holy Stone HS 170                10-12 years
                Cheerson CX-10 Mini                7+ years
                  Altair AA108                10+ years

So, it seems that taking a comparable look, a basic drone for a young child should be flown in and around the age of 7 years and upwards.

Obviously, you know your child, so you can make an informed decision on whether to go ahead or not, but those are the manufacturers guidelines on a few beginner drones.

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What Can Beginner Drones Do?

All drones, whether professional, consumer drones or even beginners can come with cameras. The very purpose of a drone for many.

The resolution of the beginner drone is not as high as the professional drones. Their flight time is also shorter.

Battery life is not that long-lasting. These drones serve the purpose of flying and having fun with it for kids or any beginner.

Here are some of the best beginner drones available.

  • Syma X5SW-V3
  • Parrot Rolling Spider
  • UDI 818A HD+
  • Drocon Blue Bugs 3W/4K Camera Mount
  • Husban X4 H107C
  • DJI Mavic Mini Camera Quadcopter
  • Sky Viper Scout Video Streaming Quadcopter

Some Guidelines For Drones For Children:

When trying to pick a drone, trying to get one that has the required challenges of learning, but is still manageable by a child can be quite tough.

Below is a list of general guidelines that I would recommend you consider, as to the types of drones. You might want to think about it.

Under 8 –

To fly complex drones at this age I guess is not a good idea. They require concentration and can be difficult to pilot.

More and more kids want drones for their birthdays and for gifts, but not all of them have the skills to fly a professional or technical drone.

They can easily hurt themselves other people and animals. A toy drone or a mini drone is good for them because they tend to enjoy their drones inside. They are simple to operate and mostly robust.

Aged 8 to 12 –

This is the age group to get  a beginner drone. You need an affordable and durable drone with shorter range and flight times.

This age group doesn’t have the same capabilities as adults and flying for them is not easy .

The drone should be a quick setup and ready to fly regardless of the camera quality as these drones come with low-quality cameras or are not included. They are like toy drones and best for kids.

Aged 12 to 14 –

Here you can go for semi-professional drones. Again quick set up and ready to fly with less power than higher end models.

In this age you are in the phase of becoming a drone enthusiast or flying a drone as a hobby.

Aged 14 to 16 –

They are not kids anymore, and they can get bored with flying a toy drone. They expect more from their drone rather than flying for fun.

So, a good drone with plenty of good features should be good for them. For example, DJI MINI.

Over 16 –

At this age you are open to options. It depends on what they want from their drone. Do you want to fly drones just for fun? Do you want to explore and take good pictures and videos? Do you want to take part in a drone racing competition?

You need some kind of professional drone if you are not a beginner. At this age group most quadcopters would be a good choice.

What A Beginner Drone Will Teach Your Child?

As mentioned before, flying drones is a great way to get your child outdoors. It can be a great hobby for them as it will keep them active.

They can catch some amazing camera shots and share with their friends. Once they start liking it, it can motivate them to try different locations, and they can learn a lot about the environment.

Drones can teach a lot about science too. It can teach about thrust, lift, drag etc. Drones are an excellent learning tool that will get students interested and involved in learning.

When Should I Get A More Advanced Drone For My Child?

For older children, who are well into their teens, a wider variety of drones are available. Drones are not that hard to fly once you get to know the procedures of flying.

An advanced drone like a typical quadcopter, should be piloted by a child of 14 and above.

In this age group you are smart enough to learn about laws, rules and regulations about drones which is always helpful.

You have many good consumer and semi-professional drones like the , which has a great speed, camera and can reach a high altitude.

It’s an affordable drone with professional specifications. 

How to Buy a Drone?

Some Good Beginner Drone Choices

Here I am going to tell you about my top three choices for drones starting from low cost drones to mid range drones for the beginner.

Altair AA 108 Beginner Drone:

A great drone for beginners. It has 3 adjustable skills for flying. It has all the advanced features and comes with an extra battery for additional flight time.

The special feature is one touch take off and landing. Altair AA 108 is made of durable plastic and can withstand crashes.

Altair 818 Hornet Plus:

This drone is quite friendly for beginners because of its features like multiple speed modes and capability to hold attitude.

This drone is also good for videography and photography because of its stability and comes with long battery life. This is really a great drone for beginners to learn and up their skills.

The Outlaw SE- Best Mid Range Drone:

Now this is a mid range drone with high power especially made for true drone enthusiastic.

A very affordable drone with all the top features like GPS mode, 1080p High Definition camera and a long battery life. It has follow-me mode, return to home mode and has a range up to 600 meters.

Here is a youtube video fromThe Tech Mag. Top five: Kids Drones



A drone as a hobby is a great hobby and flying a drone professionally is even better. I recommend not to buy an expensive drone for beginners or children as they can face many challenges to cope up with that.

The reasonable drones as I mentioned in this blog range from $70- $250 and at this price you can get a superb drone with advanced features for your child. 

Happy Flying..

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