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Are Drones Allowed on Cruise Ships?

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Cruises offer great and memorable experiences. Sometimes, you might want to capture the activities within or around the cruise. So, taking your drone with you sounds like a great idea. But are drones allowed on cruise ships?

Though some cruise ships allow having drones aboard, there may be restrictions on the types of drones allowed. Some of the few cruises that permit passengers to have drones aboard are Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise, and Carnival Cruise. Nevertheless, the operation of drones on cruises is still restricted, even on these cruise ships. 

Therefore, you must read this article to the end to know what lines to draw when you board a cruise line to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. 

Let’s get started.

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Are Drones Allowed on Cruise Ships?

Though cruise lines such as Carnival and Royal may allow you to have your drone onboard, you cannot use it. Why? This is to ensure that the privacy and safety of other passengers aren’t violated. 

In addition, drone accidents can happen anywhere, including on cruises. This could highly inconvenience other passengers onboard. 

So, you can only carry the drone with you but not use it on cruises or the dock. Drone use is only permitted outside the port.

Are Drones Allowed on Cruise Ships Royal Caribbean?

Drones are allowed on cruise ships Royal Caribbean. However, you cannot use your drone onboard as you violate everyone’s privacy and safety. 

Drones operated onboard are confiscated until you get to your destination. If caught using a drone, the Royal Caribbean may issue a Guest policy warning and subject you to a disembarked at your own cost!

In addition, you shouldn’t use your drone on their destinations: Labadee in Haiti, Perfect Day at CoCo Cay, or the Bahamas. 

So, you should know and understand all the policies regarding drone use on cruises. Aside from that, familiarize yourself with all the rules regarding drone use in the country you’re visiting. Also, have the necessary drone operation licenses. 

Royal Caribbean won’t be liable if you fly your drone and cause damage, injuries, or accidents within the restricted areas, for example, onboard or in the destinations. You’ll take full responsibility even when the local authorities confiscate your drone.  

Therefore, safely store your drone in your bag when aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

Can I Bring a Drone to a Cruise Carnival?

Yes, you can bring a drone onboard cruise Carnival. Nevertheless, you can only operate it off the ship. While aboard the Carnival cruise, your drone should be stored in the custody of the Chief Security Officer in the Guest’s stateroom. 

Also, to use the drone in and out of the port, you should check in and out with the cruise officers.  

Breaching the Carnival Cruise drone use laws could lead to confiscation of the drone. Moreover, if you breach the laws and fly the drone and cause accidents, injuries, or damage anything, you’ll take full responsibility. 

Are Drones Allowed on Disney Cruise?

No, Disney Cruise doesn’t allow guests to bring drones onboard.

Disney Cruise customers are often young families. So, children are often on board. Hence, the ‘no drone’ rule is meant to protect the privacy and safety of the guests, especially the children. 

So, if Disney Cruise security officers find a drone in your baggage during screening sessions, they’ll confiscate it. Consequently, there’ll be a delay in the delivery of your luggage. 

So, to stay safe, leave the done at home.

Disney Cruise Ship

Can I Bring My Drone on a Norwegian Cruise?

No, you can’t bring a drone on a Norwegian cruise due to the privacy and safety of those onboard. 

So, when boarding this cruise, leave your autonomous or remotely controlled aircraft at home. Otherwise, you might get into serious trouble with the local authorities if caught with one. 

Can I Bring A Drone on a Celebrity Cruise?

Yes, you can bring a drone on a celebrity cruise, but never should you fly it onboard. Therefore, while on the celebrity cruise, please ensure your drone is stored safely in your room. 

You should always wait until you’re on the land if the rules governing that area permit you to fly it. 

Can You Bring a Drone on a Princess Cruise?

The Princess Cruise doesn’t allow guests to have or use any flying object, including toys. Hence, you cannot have a drone aboard a Princess Cruise. 

Though there are no details as to why the cruise restricts having drones aboard, they likely want to ensure all passengers are safe, and their privacy is fully safeguarded. 

Princess Cruise Ship.

What Should You Consider Before Taking Your Drone on a Cruise?

Before including your drone in the list of the items you’ll carry with you on the cruise, do in-depth research to know if the cruise you intend to board allows drones. 

And if the drones are allowed, can you fly them onboard? This information would save you a lot of trouble with the cruise and local authorities.

Here are two key things to know in advance:

Drone Laws at the Port: While some cruises may allow having drones aboard, some ports might not allow you to fly them. Each country is governed by its set laws, and some may forbid using drones at the ports. Being arrested in a foreign land can be scary and may cost you a leg and an arm! 

Cruise Drone Policies: Check the cruise website to know what items are allowed and which are forbidden. If drones are allowed, check if there are restrictions on models.  

What Are the Consequences of Being in Possession of a Drone or Flying It in Restricted Cruises and Ports?

If you’re caught with a drone aboard a cruise that restricts having it, your drone may be confiscated by the authorities.

Some cruise authorities might give you a stant warning but still confiscate it until you reach your destination. Sometimes, you might not even have your drone back!

Based on the cruise’s policies, you might as well be subject to disembarkation, which might cost you more than you had planned. In other cases, you might be subject to civil penalties or fines. 

The same consequences apply to flying drones in restricted cruises and ports. So, be sure not to attempt to go against the given laws.

Which Cruise Lines and Ports Allow Drones?

Cruises allowing drones aboard include Celebrity, Caribbean, and Carnival cruises. 

As discussed above, these cruises don’t allow you to fly drones aboard. 

Some of the ports that are drone-friendly in the world include:

  • Aruba
  • Key West, Florida
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Roatan in Honduras
  • Cozumel, Mexico

Though some ports may allow the use of drones, always adhere to the FAA laws; for instance, don’t fly your drone above 400 feet, don’t fly your drone over crowded areas, and always keep the drone in line of sight.

Why Do Most Cruise Lines Prohibit the Possession or Use of Drones?

Cruises have a high number of people aboard, both young and old. Hence, besides a lack of enough space to fly your drone, the FAA does not permit flying drones in crowded places. 

This is because if anything goes wrong, and you lose control of the drone, it’s likely that you’ll injure someone and cause damage or accidents. So, the cruises aim at safeguarding its passengers’ safety and privacy.

In addition, your drone could fly away and fall into the water. The cruise owners cannot be responsible for your loss. 

Also, the presence of some drones aboard cruises could interfere with the normal functioning of some cruise’s electronics, thereby endangering the lives of everyone aboard. To ensure that passengers’ lives aren’t endangered, some cruises restrict the possession of drones aboard a cruise. 


Drones may be allowed on some cruise ships, but not all.

Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise, and Carnival Cruise are some cruises that allow you to have a drone aboard. Even so, you cannot fly the drone aboard. 

If caught flying one, your drone could be confiscated and only returned to you upon getting to your destination. In some cases, you might never get the drone back.

Still, you might be fined or subjected to civil penalties based on your drone use. It’s not worth the risk; leaving your drone home is safer. 

If, however, you’re sure that the cruise allows having the drone aboard as long as you don’t use it, please check if the port and country you’ll be visiting allow you to have the drone or to use it.  

If they don’t allow it, simply avoid having the drone.


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