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Can Drones Record Audio?

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Drones help us get perspectives that can seldom be captured by the naked eye. Not only do they offer an elevated picture of the subject you’d want to capture, but with good resolution too.

Being an avid user of drones myself, I’m actively on the search for the latest and greatest that would help me get just the shot or video for my projects.

Since drones fly high and are mainly used to present a bird’s-eye view of the subject(s) down below, there’s seldom a need to record audio with them. Because, I’ll be honest, neither do I want audio from a device that is up high nor is it going to be of adequate quality.

But let’s assume you want audio to be an option on these gadgets. Let’s dive into how it can happen.


High Above, No Worries:

This is a no-brainer. Drones are meant to fly a good level above our heads, so they can capture a good amount of the area down below.

When I fly mine, I make sure to get a good pan of the land with its video capabilities.

You wouldn’t want a drone flying close to your head with a constant buzz in your ear. These mechanical marvels deserve to be treated the way they were meant to be used.

However, with their function to be high up there, then they also don’t need to record audio because let’s be honest, what are you going to record at that much elevation? Beating wings? Wind whooshing? And thus, my friend, audio recording capabilities are scrapped from most drone designs before they head into production.

Internet Connectivity Issues:

Some drones have smaller antennas and can’t grasp a good internet signal when they’re flying high up. My drone gets a bit wonky when I’m pushing it to go a good 30 stories above me.

At this level, either you can have an internet connection with blazing fast speed and coverage like that of CenturyLink or switch to Bluetooth capabilities also embedded into the drone.

I’d recommend the former, though. Plus, CenturyLink prices are affordable enough with additional discounts and packages occurring frequently.

Cash in on these opportunities to make good use of the drone and have it stay connected with a healthy connection with your controller.

Screenshot of Century Link Internet plans.
CenturyLink Internet Plans, Prices, and Speeds

Audio Workarounds:

I think we’ve established the fact that audio capabilities or possibilities are dismal at this point, by the drone itself. But we can always supplement the device with a microphone, can’t we?

Some YouTubers have done this by taking the attached mic on their professional cameras and hooking it up with drones. How effective this is in actuality though is something to ponder about.

Consider me connecting a mic to my DJI Mavic and getting it to hover 500 meters above the ground to record a football match.

My video will be clean and crisp but the audio it captures will be interrupted by noise from its multiple propellers.

Wind and other environmental feedback will also present themselves as background noise making the match a nuisance to follow in the video. Plus, if there’s commentary going on, it’ll probably not be high enough for the drone to capture.

The overall experience, in my view, wouldn’t be something I’d like to try again.

If you’re still adamant about audio, then you could invest in a really good mic that has noise-canceling capabilities.

You could also record the sounds you want with a different device and get images/videos with the help of the drone. Then, you could compile both with the help of a snappy computer-rocking video editing software.

How about Inside Your House?

Drones may hear inside your home if they are connected to the proper audiovisual equipment, particularly an aerial audio microphone.

The additional technology will allow for two-way audio, although given the loud booms of drones, it’s unlikely that anything will be discernible.

Don’t get me wrong, transforming a single drone into a system is everything but simple. Needless to say, it’s prohibitively pricey. If an ordinary individual attempts to eavesdrop on you through your home, three major issues will arise immediately:

  • the propellers’ excessive noise
  • because the fleeing noises are too mild
  • microphone location to capture the appropriate sort of “noise”

Ideal Proximity for Drones to Pick Up Sounds:

Some of the best long-distance drones can take footage up to 5 miles away. However, when it comes to picking up sounds, these same drones are severely restricted.

They do not have the necessary equipment to record audio or pick up any important noises. Having said that, determining how far away a drone can pick up noises is out of the question.

There is no way for the drone to hear your discussions, whether it is near your window or floating about your neighborhood.

Future Possibilities of Drones Coming Equipped with Audio Recording Technology:

With the amount of acceleration technology is getting these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon start witnessing companies like DJI rolling out drones that can record good audio feedback as well.

There are already hints of this with their drones coming out with GoPro cameras that have small microphones attached to them that won’t give you fantastic audio but still serve the purpose of being sufficient microphones.

I think more successful mergers with audio and video companies are in the works and if you can wait for a little, there’s something for you and me coming up recently.

Drones are amazing pieces of technology, and they’re only getting better. Invest in a good one when the time is right, and you won’t be going back anytime soon.


To summarize, drones may undoubtedly be utilized in an invasive manner.

You’ll have to accept that as the truth. As long as it’s incorporated into the correct infrastructure, a drone can capture audio and spy on you.

This is exceedingly doubtful, though, due to the tremendous noises made by the propellers and the complex technology necessary to accomplish it.

Here’s how it works. Peepers can pick from a variety of technology. Drones aren’t high on their list since UAV audio solutions are far from ideal. So, you may rest assured that a drone will not be utilized to intercept your private talks.


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