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EXO Drones: Made In the USA and Best EXO Drones 2021

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Are you planning to purchase a high-performing, cinematic drone that can deliver a cinematic experience and high-quality images? If the price tag is none of your worries, then you should try EXO Drones. 

EXO Drones manufactures some of the best and advanced drones, but in a way that even beginners can use them. That is, after manufacturing and selling the drone to you, they will also follow up with tutorials and excellent customer support. Some of their best drones include the EXO X7 Ranger, X7 Ranger Plus, EXO Cinemaster 1 and 2, and EXOPro Blackhawk.

Please keep reading to learn more about this brand and what their drones have to offer.

Is EXO a Good Brand?

EXO Company is based in Wyoming State in the USA. It is run from Salt- Lake-City, where all operations are managed. Exo saw the challenges that the inexperienced pilots were going through with drones and decided to develop a solution.

Their approach to drone technology was different, which has won them world recognition as a company with the finest technology in manufacturing drones that are powerful and easy to handle even by beginners.

EXO saw the shortcoming of flying drones by inexperienced pilots that ended in numerous crashes and developed a new generation of drones that can do more than you expect.

They have produced a chain of innovative drones packed with excellent features, though their pricing is sometimes higher.

Important points to note; EXO is producing high-end drones with AI technology. Usually, more technology means more potential challenges for the users. Not with EXO. They design their drones with novice users in mind. 

Still in doubts? You’ll be pleased to know that they are endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kelvin O’Leary, also known as Mr. Wonderful. Considering how tough, picky and diligent he is on the show, that goes to tell you that EXO drones are doing something right.

Picture of Kelvin O'leary
Kelvin O’Leary is the one who endorse EXO Drones.

Below is what you find in EXO drones. 


EXO knows what your dream is. That is why they deliver high-end cameras capable of capturing 4K with spectacular resolutions.

The cameras come packed with either 9MP or 12MP for cinematic images and 2K to 4K video capture capability. 

The Camera features are so unique. Depending on what you want to do with your drone camera, you have a wide range to choose from.

Do you want to capture memorable moments or go cinematic with videos for YouTube, Facebook, or other social sites? EXO delights in providing artistic drone technology for doing just that.

Their cameras can tilt to 120 degrees, capture hands-free high-resolution selfies, enjoy editing with impressive filtering capacity and easily share your videos.

Handling an EXO Drone:

If you have ever flown a drone, you may be aware of the dangerous learning curves one has to undergo. You most probably might have ended in a crash, and not once. T

Think of the navigation you have to take, vertically and then horizontally. You could easily miss it, especially when other factors chip in, such as winds.

EXO saw the loophole and took a different route from other drone makers. They use a 3-axis Gimbal that stabilizes your quadcopter midair while flying.

As if that is not enough, their drones are fitted with brushless, solid motors and download sensors to ensure their stability during motion in windy weather.

The Return Home Feature:

You could quickly lose your drone if your battery runs down or if you are a novice and can’t fly it back. EXO produces drones with very strong GPS and a location-sensitive drone. This ensures you can fly it back by activating the Fly Back feature.

EXO Battery Power:

Drone batteries can run from between 21 to 42 minutes on a full charge depending on the model. What is more impressive is that you can charge batteries and continue with your mission without a hitch.

The Most Portable, Take Anyway Technology:

You can easily fold and pack EXO drones into carrying cases for transport since they are lightweight and portable. WIFI or cellular network is not mandatory, yet very easy to use.

EXO Drone Models for Every Need & Budget:

EXO X7 Ranger:

If you’ve never flown the EXO X7 Ranger quadcopter or any other drone, you’re about to learn why this drone should be on your bucket list.

For starters, this quadcopter features completely outweigh its price. EXO does not emphasize the profit margin from their products; they emphasize quality and performance.

Who would have thought that he would have a copter such EXO X7 Ranger with such exclusive features just for a mere $409.

If you want to purchase during this holiday season it is available for $259, i.e., $150 off now that is a catch.

It can also fly for not less than 21 minutes before changing a battery or recalling it home. That is incredible.

And that’s not all. It is fitted with a camera that captures 2048 x 1080p of video. That means your images are super-clear and very detailed. 

With its three-axis Gimbal stabilizer, the speed at which this copter captures moving images at 24-26 MPH is incredible. They look like they are captured by the latest high-quality static cameras such as Canon EOS Mark IV.

What if the battery gets low? The EXO X7 Ranger is packed with Flight Control that can recall your drone any time. Just a flicker of your finger on the Controller, and the drone begins to fly back.

Its Yaw and Throttle are super-sensitive, making your experience more expressive and entertaining. Using the Yaw, you can easily rotate your EXO X7 Ranger clockwise and anticlockwise at incredible speed without affecting the copter’s or the camera’s stability, thanks to the strong Gimbal stabilizer. 

And lastly, the throttle will determine how much you give to each motor, thereby controlling its rotation. The Drone is just too good for the price. 


  • Very efficient and easy to use
  • Its battery life is more than sufficient for a pilot’s entertainment experience per trip. 
  • Compared to other bigger, EXO X7 Ranger offers more for less.


  • A bit expensive for those used to other cheaper brands
  • Requires a bit of training to master how to fly it
EXO X7 Ranger drone with its accessories.
EXO X7 Ranger drone is bang for buck.

EXO X7 Ranger Plus:

Despite the relatively lower price, this drone packs many more features than you can imagine. It came as an upgrade of the EXO X7 Ranger, and as a result, it is superfast, advanced, and offers an even better experience.

The EXO X7 Ranger Plus offers fast navigation with speeds of up to 27 MPH. Amazing! During my weekends, this copter drives crazy with its spectacular control.

The Yaw is soft and sensitive, so the response midair is quicker. But this has its downsides too. While quick responses can help prevent accidents, they can also cause them when you accidentally touch the joysticks.

My most warm experience is with its rotational control. The drone can flip so easily with such a spectacular view.

Another essential feature is its Return Home button that is fast and causes the drone to romp home within seconds of recall.

EXO X7 Ranger 7 has three sport Flight modes that offer the pilot a range of benefits and control options. Also, the Alt Hold will help the drone to hold the altitude and level itself in the roll-and-pitch while flying.

Stabilize gives you the ease to stabilize the EXO X7 Ranger Plus along with its actions as it pitches and rolls. You will love the stability of this copter as it slides smoothly through the air. 

Its Loiter system is built to easily hold your drone to position and a solid GPS to track your drone. Not many models offer such features at such a low price.

You don’t have to worry about losing your drone since the EXO 7 ranger Plus has one of the finest RTL (Return to Launch) mechanisms.

Once you detect low battery using the Low battery detector, you just activate the RTL, and here comes your drone for a soft land.

The landing is usually relatively smooth and easy due to its Land mode harnessed into the framework.

The other feature that makes me love this model is its super auto mode. Once you activate it, you have nothing to worry about because, using its obstruction detectors, the drone will slide easily through the air to safety just by following your preset commands. 

I wonder if this model has any downside, except if they can only increase the flight time well over 40 minutes, I would be thoroughly furnished. 

The camera technology used in this drone is astounding. It can capture better images than its predecessor and offers more fun with its editing capability. 


  • Flight time is enough for both beginners and experienced pilots. You can cover and capture great images for business as well as pleasure.
  • A great quadcopter at a fair price
  • It offers a fun-filled experience that you will enjoy with its incredible speed and better control.


  • The only downside is its price to the low or average earners who may think it is a bit too expensive. 
Credit: EXO Drones

EXO Cinemaster 2:

This is the most affordable stellar grade copter of our time. It is an epic, fully adjustable camera system that can capture incredible images at high speed of 23 MPH.

Are you looking to become the legend Steven Spielberg or John Woo? This quadcopter brings you as closer to that as you can get. 

It has a 4K Video, an in-camera sensor, and a great three-axis Gimbal. I’m sure you know what it means to have these features on board. If you don’t, I will tell you!

The camera sensor helps determine the image size, resolution, low light performance, depth of the fields, dynamic range, lenses, and motion capture ability.

That means you will have a more dynamic range, brighter images that look soft. Though they may not measure what Hollywood demands, they are far better than what most cameras give. 

What I love about this drone is its real-time-flight dynamics. You can view the flight Real-time right on your FPV without raising your head.

What of its One-button Return to Home and One Switch Sport mode offering a return home safely and sporty flight and capture experience, respectively? Just wow! 

Other features this drone packs include;

  • Safety Auto Return: The drone is fitted with an inbuilt GPS that knows the exact Take-Off Point. That means, once you activate the Return to Home feature, the copter will find its way to starting point with ease. 
  • Dual Camera: Its state-of-the-art camera technology gives you what you want; amazing images, brighter colors, and soft looks.
  • High Night Visibility: The drone is fitted with bright external LEDs that help you see it through the night as it flies. That is, if you were to want to view it in real-time while in the air.
  • 720p-Live Feed: Did you know that this drone has live feeds? You can easily view live moving images right on your FPV using its live feed. 
  • Interchangeable Batteries: You can change batteries to continue your adventure. Battery low alert should not curtail your cinematic experience. 
  • Smooth, crisp video: The drone can deliver 4K video 11MP Photo slow-motion zero shake images. You can take photos with clarity and high resolution at 25 MPH and without s blur. 
  • This drone has brushless motors, 25MPH sport mode speed, and replaceable propellers. That means if anything happens to your drone, you can quickly replace its spares and continue with your adventures.


  • Advanced safety features.
  • One of the best camera systems for the price.
  • Night visibility.


  • It is slower than EXO X7 Ranger Plus 
  • Low-quality live-feed.
Picture of EXO Cinemaster 2 drone.
EXO Cinemaster

EXOPro Blackhawk:

EXOPro Blackhawk is a fun drone to fly, especially for beginners.

For starters, you will love its beaming color of sturdy metal, making it unique and more robust. That is a plus for the EXOPro Blackhawk. No wonder it is called the Blackhawk for its durability and strength.

 What makes this drone great? It has a professional lens and 4K resolutions that deliver artistic images and videos you will love.

What’s more? It also has the most enhanced three-axis Gimbal. A camera without Gimbal stabilization will reflect all the winds, motor shakes, and jerks throughout the flight. That means you will have poor-quality images and videos.

The drone’s Gimbal is designed to handle more turbulence than you can imagine. I noted during the flight how quickly it would correct the images taken during a pitch and roll experience. 

It has one of the best hyper-lapse modes that lets you slow it down to a speed less than 40% and speed it up again with ease, making the overall flying experience a lot more fun. 

This drone flies further than any other drone and can transmit images from up to 8km in real-time. That is amazing! And with the flight control App, you immediately share your footage to social sites. 

I had 43 minutes of comfortable flight before the low battery alert nubbed my adventure. That is no small amount of time compared to all the other brands that offer flight time as little as 8 to 20 minutes.

Other features include;

  • The four-pack battery life is excellent and can cover up to 172 minutes, that 43 minutes for each battery. That is an assured cinematic experience of more than two hours.
  • 4K full video quality is incomparable. From my experience, the drone’s camera quality surpasses any other brand I have flown. 
  • It has one of the strongest Three-axis Gimbal that can handle as much turbulence as possible without letting up. That is a double benefit for buying EXOPro Blackhawk. 
  • It manages time lapses so well using its hyper-lapse mode. The good thing is that while it is moving, you wouldn’t need to edit the captured images or videos as they are view-ready, thanks to the Hyper-lapse technology. 
  • You make dream shots simply by drawing a circle around an object on the screen, and EXOPro Blackhawk will do the rest with amazing results.
  • You can also hover over an object, drop a pin on the map, and the drone will just parallax around the object.
  • You also create a dynamic video by dropping pins in a sequence, then EXOPro Blackhawk flies to them in a sequence too.


  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Several advanced features such as Hyper Lapse, parallax, and automated photography.
  • Extended flight time


  • The landing and prop guards are a bit flimsy
  • A bit expensive compared to other brands.


And there you have it! EXO offers more for less, and they’re determined to satisfy their customers.

If I were to choose one, I would go for the EXO X7 Ranger Plus. It strikes a good balance of an easy-to-learn flight experience, excellent camera, and it’s one of the safest drones you can fly.

I love most the RTL features, land mode, and 40-minutes flight time. But that’s me as a general user. If I were in the filmmaking industry, which I am then the EXO Cinemaster 2 would be my best bet.

Happy Flying!

EXO Drones: Made in USA and Best EXO Drones 2021
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