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Fimi X8 Pro-the Most Versatile Camera Drone

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The 2023-launched series, FIMI X8 Pro, is a recent upgrade of the FIMI X8 SE, a company invention from 2018. Both FIMI models have similar specifications and looks.

However, the manufacturer has made some developments on the latter. What defines the FIMI X8 SE successor? Is it worth it? 

The FIMI X8 Pro is a fantastic drone model that combines great performance features with a slick design for aerial photography and videography. Its comparison with its predecessor (the FIMI X8 SE) reveals several improvements. Most importantly, the professional drone has obstacle avoidance capabilities.

Learn more about this new FIMI product as we explore its amazing features, specifications, pros and cons, and any other relevant information. Let’s get started.

Fimi X8 Pro

FIMI X8 Pro:

The professional model of FIMI X8 has an outstanding feature from its predecessors — obstacle detection. Although there are many other developments, this is the one most customers are excited about. 

Beginners can now enjoy safe flights with more confidence!

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Included Package:

  • 1 RC Quadcopter (with camera)
  • 1 Gimbal cover
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 4 USB Cable
  • 1 Battery
  • 4 Propeller
  • 1 Dust plug
  • 1 AC Cable
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 Manual
OZ Straya Panoramas

Key Features at a Glance:

Feature Description 
Dimensions Length: 204 mm Width: 106 mm Height: 12.6 mm Horizontally: 372 
Weight 780g (with standard battery)830g (with Plus battery)
Flight range15 km
Battery lifeIntelligent Flight Battery: 40 minutes Intelligent Flight Battery Plus: 47 minutes
Speed Maximum: 18m/sMax. Ascent: 5m/sMax. Decent: 4m/s
Sensor 1/1.3” CMOS
Video resolution3840 x 2160/30fps/25fps/24fps
Ease of useOptional Built-in Screen remote controller
Obstacle avoidance Tri-directional obstacle sensing
Fimi XD Pro specs

Fimi X8 Pro Features Drill Down:

The upgraded FIMI X8 professional version has different features that guide its functionality. Let’s look at each of them.


FIMI has made no major changes to the drone’s design. The model is similar to its predecessor, the FIMI X8 SE, and it has top-notch build quality from high-grade metallic materials.

FIMI X8 Pro has a collapsible main body with two propellers implanted in a motor at each corner. It’s white-colored, giving it a vibrant and professional look. 

The company’s brand identity is the arm folding ability and polished white color.

Further, the drone has a relatively compact design. Its 204 x 106 x 72.6 mm dimensions (when folded) and 372 mm diagonally make it easy to carry in a backpack. 

The model’s weight is 780g and 830g with the standard intelligent flight battery and intelligent flight battery plus, respectively. There are no legal concerns in both cases since it’s below the 900g mark.

The model has a front-side 3-axis gimbal mechanism and a bottom accessory port. The port allows you to add an optional auxiliary device, such as the megaphone or release system, offered by the manufacturer. 

Camera and Image Quality:

Several factors determine the quality of this drone’s camera and image quality. They include the following:

  • Lens: 24 mm equivalent, Aperture f/1.7, 85° FOV
  • Sensor: 1/1.3-inch 48 MP CMOS  
  • Video resolution: 4K up to 30 fps
  • Maximum bit rate: 100 Mbps
  • Video format: MP4 (H.265)
  • Photo format: JPG, DNG
  • ISO range: 100 à 6400
  • Digital Zoom: 6x

The professional drone has a slightly larger sensor than its FIMI X8 predecessors: 1/1.3-inch 48 MP CMOS, against 1/2-inch of the X8 SE. The size equals the DJI 4 Pro, a big plus to the model.

Also, this drone’s camera features a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, significantly improving the aerial footage effect. It features a 3rd-generation LOS stabilization algorithm, a high-precision control sensor with a fully closed-loop servo system, and 0.005° accuracy.

The mechanical gimbal eliminates jitters in real-time, offering stunning images.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has let FIMI X8 enthusiasts down by not improving the video resolution. The professional model retains the 4K at up to 30/fps maximum definition.

Although the resolution is more than sufficient for most users, FIMI could have increased the frame rate slightly.

Even so, the 4K HDR photos and videos are astonishing as they preserve the scene’s original details, color tones, and light. The camera offers a more realistic, visually enhanced, and detail-rich shooting experience.

Concerning image quality, the FIMI X8 Pro is well-acquitted, offering good image rendering, especially in daylight and optimal lighting situations. The drone’s photo and video quality matches the DJI Mini 2.

Hence, the images you capture with the X8 Pro are largely usable. 

The model has an HDR mode that emphasizes image details in highlights and shadows. Sadly, they have a higher dynamic range, which is inconsistent with the current market standards. The range makes the image more hierarchical.

Aerial shot from FIMI X8 Pro

Shot taken by FIMI X8 Pro

Radio Controls:

We’ll classify this feature in three sections, including the following:

Compatible radio controls

  • Standard remote controller
  • FIMI TX10A remote control (with display)

Video transmission system: RokLink

Maximum transmission distance: 15 km

Remote Controller:

FIMI X8 Pro has a practical and ergonomic standard remote controller, offering excellent grip and comfort.  

The control device features two side handles and detachable joysticks. It has a central tray that holds a tablet or smartphone for easy connectivity. 

Also, the tray has a well-thought-out sliding system that is stretchable to accommodate all sizes of appliances, such as tablets (iPad Mini inclusive) and smartphones.

FIMI also provides an optional remote control (FIMI TX10A: Controller with Built-In Screen) with an integrated display (like its DJI rival), offering a more convenient and professional flight experience.

You don’t have to spend time connecting your smartphone or worry about connectivity and visibility problems.

The controller features a large 5.5” touch screen with 1000 nits brightness and 1080p resolution. 

What’s more, the drone uses the manufacturer’s new generation RokLink digital video transmission system. The upgraded video transmission aligns with modern communication technology. 

The version 4.0 gadget offers a maximum transmission range of up to 15 km and a minimum delay of 130ms for either of the radio controls. It can intelligently assess an environment’s status and choose the optimal channel, ensuring the map picture’s clarity and stability.

Hence, recording beautiful scenery from a distance makes the audience feel part of the scene.

FIMI TX10A Controller

Battery and Autonomy:

FIMI X8 Pro has two battery versions with different capacities and flight time, as outlined below:

Intelligent Flight Battery Plus:

  • Type: Li-Po 4S
  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Autonomy: 47 minutes

Intelligent Flight Battery:

  • Type: Li-Po 4S
  • Capacity: 3800 mAh
  • Autonomy: 40 minutes

The drone’s 3800mAh Li-Po intelligent flight battery offers 40 minutes of flight before you can recharge it. That’s a significant improvement from its predecessor, the X8 SE, which offered 35 minutes.

More amazing is its ‘Plus’ version with 5000 mAh capacity, offering a 47-minute flight time. You can get the battery as a separate package if you wish to explore the sky for longer.

In-Flight Performance Features:

Here, we focus on the drone’s flight behavior and obstacle detection. 

Flight behavior:

In-flight behavior entails the device’s functionality when in the air. The X8 Pro’s flight performance is similar to that of its predecessor. It has a maximum speed of 18m/s, an ascent speed of 5m/s, and a 4m/s descent speed.

Also, extreme weather conditions are no longer an issue with this professional drone. Its structural design is rainproof and snow proof, and a downward auxiliary light guides the gadget, ensuring a safe flight and drone return.

The X8 Pro is easy to fly. Its operations are incredibly fluid, and its controls are highly responsive. It maintains remarkable stability in rainy and windy conditions.

The drone can resist wind up to level 8. It features a lightweight design and an upgraded power system, with increased power by 20%, resulting in a higher ‘thrust: weight ratio.

Thus, you’ll capture stunning footage in extreme weather conditions.

FIMI X8 Professional is compatible with Remote ID, making it EASA and FAA-compliant. The structural design enhances signal stabilization for more reliable and safer flights globally.

Obstacle Detection:

The ability to sense obstacles is the BIGGEST improvement of this model. X8 Pro has a tri-directional detection system for sensing obstacles (forward, backward, and downward), from a minimum of 15 meters.

It ensures flight safety by automatically sensing potential objects and, thus, preventing collision incidences.

Other Smart Features:

Other features that make X8 Pro give you a fantastic drone flying experience include:

Flight Modes and Automatic Shooting:

One of the X8 professional version’s strengths is its ability to integrate various flight modes and automatic shooting. 

Below are the responsible features:

  • Intelligent tracking mode: This mode lets you determine your drone’s target routes in all directions while it remains at the image center.
  • Panoramas: Aids wide-angle shooting. 3 modes are available: 180° vertical, 180° horizontal, and 3×3 square format.
  • Circular flight: Helps the drone to fly around a predetermined target.
  • Route planning: Determines the appropriate route for your drone.
4G cellular Image Transmission Module:

The X8 Pro model supports FIMI’s latest 4G cellular image transmission module, which you can effortlessly install. The image will display on the app after you connect your gadget through a USB.

The feature provides a reliable and stable real-time video feed. It offers stable and low-tenacity transmission signals using different telecom operators.

Also, you can safely control your drone via the 4G network when objects or external interference block the original transmission signals. 


  • You must purchase a SIM card separately, as it isn’t included in the product.
  • Although the transmission mode supports 4G functions, usage differs based on various countries’ situations.
Super Night-Scene Shooting:

FIMI X8 Pro night scenes are fantastic. With the large 1/1.3-inch sensor and multi-frame fusion intelligent noise reduction technology, the camera can merge bordering pixels to produce 4 times low-light area sensitivity. 

The results are equivalent to a 2.4-micron performance. Hence, you capture vibrant images without low-light risks.


It’s mounted on the drone to transmit sounds or voices remotely. It also supports text-to-audio and automatic loop playback, stores multiple audio files, and shouts in real-time.

This feature makes the FIMI X8 Pro an ideal search and rescue tool, as its maximum sound projection range is 100m.

Note: The actual range depends on prevailing circumstances. 50m is the ideal range for noisy areas.

Multiple Protections to Safe Flight Features:

The functions ensure a safe flight for your FIMI companion. They include the following:

  • Excessive power warning
  • Non-fly zone prevention
  • Return wind warning
  • Return home modes
  • Low-battery alarm
  • Rain-proof design
  • IMU system
  • GPS real-time tracking

Release and Drop:

Your FIMI can carry and drop up to 350g worth of payload. Thus, you can deliver urgently needed items by flying over obstacles or to unreachable destinations.

Note: You should maintain the 350g limit, keeping the load as light as possible for better handling by the drone. 


Download the FIMI Navi 3.0 APP from the app store or scan the QR code to share live aerial footage via social media.

The new user interface (UI) is easy to use: Plug-and-play between a mobile device and the remote controller via an OTG cable. 

Precision Landing:

The X8 Pro model uses a professional visual imaging system with a recently upgraded down-sight vision system. Thus, it can intelligently identify the landing platform, enhancing more precise landings.

Large F1.7 Aperture:

A larger aperture is another advancement of the X8 Pro. 

The F1.7 aperture has a clear 2.4μm quadruple pixel and offers a clean and well-stacked night setting. It improves the perception of dark details and image highlights.

Accessory Port:

The port increases DIY possibilities during drone flights. Various accessories, like the megaphone module (optional), are compatible with it, giving you a fun-filled drone flying experience.

The above features make the model extremely versatile, offering an extensive range of innovative and creative shooting.

You can bring your artistic vision to reality by exploring unique perspectives, capturing majestic landscapes, making dynamic videos, and more.

FIMI X8 Pro: Pros and Cons:


  • Obstacle detection capabilities to prevent collision accidents.
  • Exceptional camera performance for stunning photos and videos
  • Extensive flight time and range for extended flying duration.
  • Excellent night shooting ability to offer fantastic low-light images 
  • Multiple safe flight features for safe flying journey
  • More precise landing for easy landing pad identification
  • Compact design for enhanced portability.


  • A higher dynamic range that produces hierarchical images
  • Unimproved video resolution

Is FIMI X8 Pro Good For You?

Yes, the FIMI series is good for you if you’re looking for the following:

  • A feature-packed, budget-conscious drone
  • Diverse flying possibilities
  • Obstacle detection ability
  • Remarkable battery life
  • A new 1/1.3” camera
  • Excellent value for money

Even so, don’t buy the model if you want a high-quality drone with exceptional image quality and in-flight functionality. FIMI is still not equal to its DJI rival. 

FIMI X8 Pro: Is It Worth It?

The professional version of FIMI X8 is worth it. Being an upgrade of FIMI X8 SE, most of its features, like the extended range and autonomy and a slightly larger sensor, have only a small improvement.

However, the new tri-directional obstacle detection system is a big win for the drone. It’s a major concern for drone enthusiasts who care about their gadget’s safety during flights. 

Although most features may not match its competitors in the DJI world, the model is worth its price. It’s an affordable drone offering attractive possibilities in its category.


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