Force1 U49WF FPV Drone: Mighty Drone With Not So Mighty Price

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While not the most popular drone models, the Force1 U49WF FPV camera drone is worth checking out.

Force1 U49WF is a perfect blend between beginner drones and consumer drones. From a longer flight time, decent camera, FPV and VR support, to the durable build, there’s a lot you can do with this drone besides just flying. And it only costs a fraction of most high-end drones.

Join me as I take you through what the Force1 U49WF has to offer and if it’s the perfect drone for you.

About Force1:

Force1 has made a name in the remote-controlled toys niche, making a range of RC boats, hand-operated drones, and RC stunt cars.

They target kids and adults looking to have fun and learn. Whether you prefer to play on water, land, or in the air, Force1 has a toy for you that spell fun the way you like.

And they aren’t a toys’ best-seller for nothing. They equip their products with high-end features that capture the attention of kids and people young at heart and keep them glued to the action. For instance, their U49WF drone invention is a true king of the skies.

Force1 U49WF, also known as Force1 Blue Heron U49W, is a beginner drone built to impress with great features incumbent in high-end drones, but at a very affordable price.

Essentially, this drone isn’t the cheapest for beginner drones, but Force1 has made it more appealing to kids and adults by equipping it for all drone pilots’ skill levels.

Whether a beginner or a pro drone pilot, below is everything you need to know about Force1 U49WF drone to make an informed purchase decision.

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Features of Force1 U49WF FPV Drone:

Brand: Force1

Type: Outdoor/Indoor Quadcopter

Model: U49WF

Communication Features: Radio Control, Wi-Fi APP Control, Wi-Fi FPV

Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro

Camera: 120-degree wide-angle 720p HD

Functions: Camera, Forward/backward, First Person View, Hover, One Key Landing and Takeoff, Low-Voltage and Off-Range Alarm, Turn Left/Right, 3600 Flips

Material: Carbon Fiber, Electronic Components

FPV Distance: 150 meters

Operational frequency: 2.4 GHz

Model Power: Detachable rechargeable battery

Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo (x2)

Flying Time: About 15mins

Charging Time: About 3 hours

Video Resolution: 720p HD

Drone weight: 2.86 pounds

Product size: 15.4 x 14.3 x 5.2 inches

What Is In The Box?

  • U49WF Wi-Fi Drone
  • 720p HD Camera
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Controllers
  • 2x 7.4V 1000mAh LI-PO Battery
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 4x Extra Propellers
  • Drone Tools
  • User Manual
Force1 U49WF FPV drone in the box
Here what’s inside the box of Force1 U49 WF

Available Parts and Accessories

  • Drone housing
  • Drone bottom housing
  • Propellers
  • Landing gear
  • Motor hover holders
  • Receiver board holder
  • Camera
  • Motors
  • Receiver and power boards
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • SD cards
  • Transmitter
  • Drone assembly tools

Model Equivalents or Alternatives:

Worthy equivalents and alternative drones within the beginner category and price range with Force1 U49WF include:

  • Holy Stone HS270: This drone has similar features as U49WF but with a lesser flight time of up to 12 minutes. This drone is also cheaper than Force1 U49WF.
  • SNAPTAIN S5C: The SNAPTAIN S5C is a perfect equivalent to U49WF, with identical functionality and features. They also cost the same.
  • SIMREX X900: Apart from a better 1080p HD camera, the SIMREX X900 has matching features with U49WF. They cost roughly the same, but U49WF has a longer flight time.

Force1 U49WF Unique Selling Points:

Most drones under $100 fall as beginner drones and have features meant for intermediate and pro pilots. Their target is people who are starting in drones, mainly for learning and fun purposes.

When compared with high-end or professional drones, you can correctly call them toys with the blessings of professional drone enthusiasts.

While you may not expect much from beginner drones, the Force1 U49WF may have several surprises in store. Unlike most drones in this category, the manufacturer of the U49WF has taken the time to offer some advantageous features. Below is what sets the U49WF drone apart from other drones.

Easy to fly:

Beginners in drone flying would find a complicated drone very frustrating. The initial compass calibrations, setups, and troubleshooting before taking to the skies would take away all the flying fun.

With the U49WF drone, you get a kind of fully setup drone that takes no time to fly once the batteries are fully charged. Initial setups are easy, and there are a couple of functionalities to help you out.

The drone features three preset speed modes, safety features like off-range and low battery alarms, and a 1-key takeoff and landing to make flying effortless.

Longer flight time:

Surprisingly, the 1000mah battery keeps this drone in the air for a whopping 15 minutes. This flight time is impressively long, considering many drones within the same category can barely manage 10 minutes.

The manufacturer has added an extra battery to make sure you enjoy up to 25 minutes of flight, which is well in the range of mid-price drones.

Packed with high technology features:

This is possibly a significant plus for the manufacturer of the U49WF. The drone has a wealth of useful high-tech features that easily appeal to beginners and prepares them for more advanced drones.

Assured quality:

The drone has a carbon fibre body and comes with location-specific money-back guarantees and 90 days warranty.

Being a beginner drone expected to take some sudden collisions and mishandling, the warranty and money-back guarantees assures the user of the quality of the drone.

Quality 720p camera:

For the price, the 720p camera is quite a bargain. You will take outstanding pictures and record quality videos, with an altitude hold feature allowing beginners to take still and precise shots.

Credit: Test Review Product


  • It is built with propeller guards to prevent crash damage
  • It is pretty easy to assemble and navigate
  • Has many safety features built-in
  • 360-degree flips make this drone van an all-round entertainer
  • Startup instructions are easy and simple
  • Long flight time (12-15 minutes)
  • It comes with two batteries
  • Good Durability thanks to a carbon fiber body
  • Good customer support


  • It is not a foldable drone
  • App not beginner-friendly
  • the drone struggles with stability in windy conditions.
  • The camera is fixed, not high quality.
  • The RC and drone needs to rest 10 minutes before charging/playing again

Build and Design:

The first thing you notice right after unboxing the U49WF is the body with a unique blend of blue and black colors. The body’s design is admirable and has that sturdy feel of carbon fibre.

Sadly, this drone is not foldable, but you get top placed propellers well protected from collision and crash impacts.

The quadcopter body has a unique shape, more like four beer cases joined together. The landing gears offer enough space for the camera to fit nicely above the ground.

Setup and parts replacement are a no-brainer, with all the instruction well written in English and tools provided. You order parts directly from Force1 and get personalized support via email or chat options on their website.


While most drones pack a 1080p HD camera, it would be a mismatch for the features of the U49WF drone. Besides, possibly Force1 wouldn’t offer it for its current price. Nonetheless, the 720p HD camera fitted shoots decent photos and videos at a 120-degree wide-angle.

The FPV and VR support ensure you don’t miss any live-action either on the FlyingSee app on your phone or VR goggles. With a good amount of light, the camera is imposing with deep and well-saturated image shots.

But unluckily, the niceness disappears on a dull day as you cannot manually alter the camera contrast or light-exposure settings.

Performance and Usability:

By all standards, the U49WF drone is easy to fly and well packed with features and a decent camera for the best recreational experience.

The drone is VR ready and supports FPV, literally giving you a clear view of what the drone sees from where you stand. The first-hand panoramic view of the 720p HD camera in action takes the fun to a whole new level.

To cater for all flying skills levels, U49WF has three preset speed levels. It can move as slow as a beginner would like, while a few button pushes turn it into an instant racer.

Beginners should start with the slow speed level and progress up as their skills improve. To help beginners further, the drone packs safety features such as out of range and low-charge alarms coupled with prop guards to ensure you don’t damage the drone efficiently.

Other beginner-friendly features include the altitude hold mode for hovering without pilot’s input, headless mode, a 1-key button for effortless takeoff and landing, and a 6-axis gyroscope that keeps it stably balanced in flight.

It’s understandable for its price, but a shame for this drone to lack GPS-powered features like Return to Home or no-fly zone detection.

You get a maximum flight range of 150 meters and a flight time of up to 15 minutes per single charge. The battery will take three hours to charge, but luckily Force1 extends the playtime by packing an additional battery.

And the most fun part, the drone performs jaw-dropping 360-degree acrobatic maneuvers with a push of a button. And finally, for the pro, the trimmer button allows for customized flight settings to fit any speed level.


Force1 U49WF drone gets its power from a detachable 7.2 V 1000mAh battery. For the two batteries provided, you get an impressive flight time of up to 25 minutes.

To charge, plug in the USB cable provided to the battery and then to a port with 5V 2A output ratings. Be watchful on the battery while charging to avoid overcharging and overheating.

The USB indicator turns red when charging and green when the battery fully charged.

Force1 U49WF drone and its  Batteries
Force1 U49WF comes with 2 batteries


Force1 provides the FlyingSee app compatible with both iOS and Android phones for use with the U49WF drone. The app allows for more tweaks to the flight settings and the first person view feature. You will also fly the drone right from your phone with this app.

Remote Controller:

Force1 have included a transmitter for controlling the U49WF drone. It uses 4 AA size batteries of either alkaline, carbon-zinc (standard), or rechargeable types.

Be careful to match the polarities correctly, and don’t mix old and new batteries or mix battery types. Also, remove batteries when they get low on charge or while storing the transmitter.

Force1 has kept the RC minimalistic, with an ergonomic design for that comfortable feel. On the top face, the transmitter features a power switch, power indicator light, left-hand joystick for throttle/ rudder control, right-hand joystick for direction control, a headless mode activation button, and a 1-key lift, land, and emergency control button.

The retractable phone holder on the front side of the transmitter fits most standard size phones but nothing more significant.

The backside has the battery compartment, a speed mode selector button, and a trimmer mode button. The RC is simple and well-equipped for the U49WF drone.

Remote Control of Force1 U49WF Drone.

How to Set Up and Fly Force1 U49WF Drone?

The Force1 U49WF drone is among the most straightforward drones I have ever set up. For a start, the packaging looks lovely, with every part well fastened within the casing.

And this drone has set up instructions all over, on the box, user manual, and other papers within the casing placed on top of components like the remote control.

The drone’s body is already set up right out of the box. You only need to clip the camera and the landing gear, and you are good to go.

The batteries required to power the remote control aren’t included but getting them is easy. Please refer to the detailed instructions on the user manual if you need to do any part replacements.

Let’s now get ready for the first flight. Charge the batteries as instructed in the manual. Purchase the 4 AA size batteries needed to power the remote controller and install it correctly.

Place the full setup drone on a flat surface, preferably outdoors, and turn it on. Then, switch on the transmitter and push the left joystick all the way down towards you and then release.

To unlock the drone, push the two joystick inwardly towards each other at the same time and then release. The propellers start spinning to indicate the drone is unlocked.

Right-push the right joystick to initiate preflight drone calibration. The drone lights flash continuously and turn solid once calibration completes.

Your drone is ready for the first flight. Remember not to touch the left stick while the drone is calibrating. Please note that you need to recalibrate the drone before flying and in case of a crash or emergency landing.

Is Force1 U49WF Drone Worth It?

Absolutely. The Force1 U49WF is a good budget-drone choice for a kids’ toy but suffices better adults aiming to get their feet wet in drone flying.

The drone has a decent and sturdy design and a wealth of advanced features standard in pricier drones. Though the price is high relating (to) other beginner drones, the features are worth it.

You will appreciate the performance better once you get it into the sky. The flight is relatively stable, with many beginner-friendly flying preprogrammed modes.

The three-speed levels favour beginners to pros, while the long flight time extends the fun of the 360-degree spins. I would gladly recommend the U49WF drone to anybody wanting some real fun and has budget or skills limitation.

Pro and Safety Tips:

  • The best place to have maximum fun flying is in an open field away from buildings and trees.
  • Force1 states that the U49WF drone is for users aged ten years and above. Please ensure the responsible operation and supervise younger users while flying.
  • You need to follow FAA drone rules and fulfil local authority ordinances.
  • Fly in legalized areas only.
  • Avoid moisture and high humidity areas as your drone lacks adequate waterproofing.
  • Please use the flying speed mode that corresponds to your skills.
  • Avoid touching the drone’s moving parts and hot motors.
  • Avoid flying for long in the hot sun as heat may damage drone components. Also, allow the drone to cool off for at least 10 minutes after several flights to avoid overheating.
  • Keep an eye on the battery while charging as overcharging lowers its quality.
  • Store batteries with at least 20% charge and within rooms having 50C to 270C temperatures
  • Regularly inspect the drone for damaged parts, and replace it with genuine spares. If unsure of anything, contact Force1 support center via email or website.
  • Please charge the batteries in USB ports with a current of 5V 2A.

Final Word:

If you want to enjoy the features of high-end drones at an entry-level price, get the Force1 U49WF. You get great value for money and a chance to up your piloting skills with a drone you can’t cry over. It’s great for personal use or as a gift to your teenager or friend.

The U49WF drone, though, has some setbacks. A better camera would up its game, while the body would provide folding mechanisms to make it easier to carry around. All in all, everyone will find a reason to smile from this drone.

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