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Top 3 Drone Manufacturers in India and Their Product

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Drone companies in India are rising due to the increasing popularity of drones in various industries, such as infrastructure, construction, and agriculture.

We’ll look at the top 3 drone manufacturers in India and their product catalogs in the market, working to meet the increasing demand for drone services.

Quidich Innovation Labs, ideaForge, and Asteria Aerospace are among the leading drone companies in India. They manufacture high-edge drones and offer drone solutions in different sectors. 

Drones are versatile and efficient. From crop yield optimization to construction site monitoring, a drone provides your desired results.

We review three renowned drone companies in India that you should consider buying from. They have a tangible impact in the Indian drone market and worldwide, providing innovative solutions.

Read on.

Top 3 Drone Manufacturers in India and Their Product Catalogs

Below is a detailed review of leading drone manufacturing companies in India delivering robust, highly capable, and efficient products, technological solutions, and innovations.

Quidich Innovation Labs

The company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, was founded in 2013. Its founder is Rahat Kulshreshtha, who is also the firm’s investor.

Quidditch Innovation Labs, a drone-based aerial filming and surveying company, is a global sports broadcasting and filming leader. It offers special camera services, augmented reality, and real-time player tracking.

The drone manufacturer provides top-notch camera drones and protection-friendly equipment and technology. Their cutting-edge robotic camera technology allows you to capture noteworthy live sports and feature film angles.

Here’s the company’s product catalog:

BuggyQam – Camera on Wheels

BuggyQam establishes high-quality angle shots at low and high speeds.

It’s a revolutionary camera system that enhances free movement along low angles. Its 5-axis stabilized camera prevents uncontrolled shaking up to the maximum zoom.

BuggyQam’s top features:

  • Variable speed control: A dual-operator system controls the camera with extreme precision, delivering fast moves and racing along athletes and slow shots for TV shows.
  • Best in class RF (Radio Frequency): Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) wireless HD video downlink designed to work in any RF conditions.
  • Specifications
  • Vibration dampening and multilayer suspension for all-terrain capability
  • 5m/s maximum operating speed
  • 5-axis stabilized camera
  • 15 kg payload
  • 25 kg weight 
BuggyQam on the cricket field

CopterQam – Camera with Wings

CopterQam promotes a broad bird’s-eye view of the venue.

The drone meets the highest quality standards, has long operational hours, and best-in-class payload capabilities. 

CopterQam top features:

  • Any camera—Anywhere: Various cameras (Sony Broadcast, Blackmagic, Arri, Red) allow you to take fantastic shots better than traditional helicopter shots.
  • Safety: The company’s standard operating procedures ensure a zero failure rate, giving you confidence in the over 5000 operational hours.
  • Specifications
  • 1-25 kg weight 
  • Up to 90kmph speed
  • Up to 30 minutes of flight time
  • HQ HD downlinks for broadcast

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Quidich Tracker (QT) – Live Player Tracking

The tracker allows real-time player-tracking solutions for live sports broadcasts. QT is a proprietary player tracking and visualization solution. It uses computer vision and optical tracking to show an ever-live field plot displaying player distances, placement, and changes in real-time.

QT top features:

  • Real-time Optical Tracking: QT can optically track players and their movements in real-time by bringing machine and machine learning to live sport.
  • Custom-Build AI Camera: On average, the smart camera feed generates well over 5 million data points in every match.
  • Digital 3D Stadium Replica: Use Vizrt to create a 3D stadium replica with dots representing players in the field.

Spatio – Live Augmented Reality

 The drone offers a bird’s-eye view powered with 3D augmented reality. Its live broadcast-grade AR graphics enhance the viewer experience.

Spatio top features:

  • Enhanced viewer engagement: An ideal broadcast tool that enables storytelling and taking stunning shots.
  • Live data integration: A feature that allows automatic integration of the scrolling match and updates, allowing you to choose your graphics during sports recording.
  • Consistent evolution: Spatio’s in-house-developed technology allows fast pain-point identification and quick upgrading in response.


Pragadish Santhosh founded the ideaForge drone company in 2017. Its headquarters are in Navi Mumbai.

The pioneer drone manufacturer is among global drone technology and solutions development leaders. Its drones are harsh weather survivors due to their leading specifications and ergonomic designs. 

ideaForge’s vertical integration is an outstanding feature. Its in-house product development center allows the design, development, engineering, and manufacturing of indigenous drones.

The company’s product catalog has two application categories: Mapping and Security and Surveillance.

Below is the company product catalog:  


The NETRA V4 PRO is the company’s latest upgrade to the NETRA drone Series. It has a 90-minute flight time and a design that suits your operational needs. 

It has many critical mission applications, including emergency response, defense, public safety, and mapping.

NETRA V4 PRO top features:

  • Performance: Suitable for diverse critical mission applications.
  • Reliability: The design and build quality enhances more extended lifespan/use.
  • Autonomy: Excellent performance in all weather conditions.
  • Toolless assembly: Its quick snap-fit mechanism design works without tool dependency.
  • Portability: NETRA V4 PRO is man-portable, designed for last-mile carriage.
  • Minimal maintenance: Its rugged design suits various operating environments and applications.
  • Payload: 25X HD optical zoom and 640×480 thermal camera with 4X Digital Zoom

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Ninja UAV

Ninja UAV is the company’s lightest drone. It is designed for security and surveillance in day and night applications with swappable payloads. The drone is highly versatile in surveillance operations.

Ninja UAV top features:

  • Smart battery: It monitors self-health capability, ensuring proper performance and longevity. Additionally, the built-in safety features enhance safe storage.
  • Toolless assembly: Requires no specialized tool, as it uses the snap-fit mechanism for assembly purposes.
  • Lightweight: The last-mile carriage design promotes easy packaging and portability.
  • Swappable payloads
  • 5X HD, 400m target detection range 
  • 320×240 thermal camera with 4X digital zoom, 200 target detection range
Ninja UAV


The drone is one of the company’s most economical category drones, known for excellent reliability and performance. It can serve in various applications such as disaster relief, security and surveillance, crowd management, and traffic control. It has a Type Certification from DGCA.

Q4i drone top features:

  • Smart battery: It observes its health status and ensures storage safety, so you don’t have to keep checking. 
  • Toolless assembly: Since it uses snap fit, it doesn’t need special tools for assembling.
  • Lightweight: Its last-mile carriage design eases packaging and portability.
  • 10X HD lossless optical zoom, 800m target detection range.
  • 640×480 thermal camera with 4X digital zoom, 400m target detection range.
Q4IUAV Drone

Asteria Aerospace 

Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta founded Asteria Aerospace drone company in India. The 2021-founded enterprise has headquarters in Bengaluru, Yelahanka New Town. Reliance Industries is its investor.

The company’s in-house manufacturing, hardware design, and software development capabilities allow it to develop highly customized drone solutions. 

It’s a robotic and AI startup company offering drone-as-a-service solutions to various sectors. They include telecommunications, agriculture, mining and construction, oil and gas, and energy.

Furthermore, Asteria is ISO 9001 certified. Hence, they’re dedicated to excellence, unwavering quality, and exceeding industry standards.

The company’s product catalog is as follows:


The micro-category drone is compact and lightweight, making it easy for one person to operate. 

The A200 and its day’s flight accessories come in a single rugged hard case (IP67 certified), enhancing security and portability. 

It’s India’s first 1.995 kg drone to be DGCA-certified.

A200 top features:

  • High-resolution imaging for mapping applications: Its 24.1 MP imaging camera is equipped with an APS-C sensor for sharp, high-resolution image capture. The camera is well-mounted to prevent image vibration effects.
  • Survey-grade accuracy: It has a multiband GNSS receiver with complete post-processing kinematic (PPK) capability. The feature allows you to capture precise and accurate images.
  • Lightweight: A200 is compact for one-person operability.
A 200 Drone

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The model has Dual GPS sensors for redundancy. It also offers other standard features that ensure safe operations.

A200-XT’s top features include:

  • High versatility degree: You can easily configure the swappable payload for night or day surveillance missions, mapping, and inspections.
  • Compatibility and portability: The drone and its accessories (for an entire day of flights) weigh about 2.6 kg, making them easy to carry.
  • Quick response: Deploying your drone for a mission takes 5 minutes. It requires toolless assembly and set-up.


India is home to many drone manufacturing companies. The enterprises are working hard to take drone technology to unimaginable heights.

Our review has majored on the three leading manufacturers and their product catalogs to give you insight into brands and models you can consider. The companies have various products with many unique features.

It’s time to move with the rest of the world by embracing this bracing technology in various sectors. From individuals to companies and government institutions, the manufacturers have the best match for your needs.


What Are the Benefits of Using Drones in India?

There are various benefits of using drones in India, including the following:

  • Improved crop monitoring that allows quick problem detection
  • Enhanced precision and efficiency, minimizing waste and environmental damage
  • Reduced expenses due to timely and focused spraying and scouting
  • Improved safety

How Many Companies Are Included in the Government’s Drone PLI Scheme?

The government’s drone scheme PLI (Production-Linked Incentive) includes 23 countries. They were notified on November 30, 2021, and the beneficiaries’ list was released on July 6, 2022. It contains 11 drone component manufacturers and 12 drone manufacturing companies. The shortlisting is in Annexure.

Where Is India in Drone Technology?

India is on a journey to become a significant drone hub by 2030, improving the country’s GDP by 1-1.5% and creating more jobs within the sector. 

The sector requests that the government expand the PLI scheme to benefit more MSMEs and startup companies. The main challenges in the industry include lacking testing facilities, a talent pool, and a component ecosystem.


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