VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone

VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone with Camera for Adults:Review 2024

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The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone is a feature-rich drone with a stylish and lightweight construction. It’s not only easy to control, but also offers an impressive flight time.

However, the drone may not perform well in heavy wind conditions because of its lightweight. Calibrating this drone requires a few additional steps before takeoff. But these are easy and pose no significant challenge, even to the beginners.

The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone has become a popular choice among both kids and adults due to its exceptional performance in terms of flying experience and stability.

Usually, compact quadcopters are not designed to be very stable, but the VTI SkyHawk is different. Moreover, according to the reviews, its battery life is good, another great feature.

So, let’s review this drone in detail and find out if it’s the right choice for your needs.

VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone

About the Company:

Vivitar is a renowned name in the world of cutting-edge and user-friendly gadgets. The company is based in Edison, New Jersey. It is best known for its commitment to quality and affordability, which makes it a preferred brand for consumer electronics, cosmetics, and health products.

Vivitar drones are designed with precision and offer users an unforgettable experience in aerial exploration, photography, and videography.

The company comes with a rich history of innovation and aims to make the latest advancements in digital technology
available at impressive costs.

VTI SkyHawk Company Drone Review:

How to Unbox, Assemble & Calibrate?

  • This drone is popular among its users because it’s a good entry-level drone for hobbyists. It’s easy to set up, as all you have to do is slide out the battery box and charge it for an hour or so using the USB charging cable.
  • The remote controller comes with three AA batteries. Use the screwdriver to open the battery compartment when the
    batteries need to be replaced.
  • The next step is to calibrate the drone. However, before you can do it, you need to synchronize your drone with its remote controller.
  • Press the power button on the bottom of the drone to turn it on. The LED lights will start flashing, indicating that it is now turned on.
  • Now turn the remote controller on. You will notice that the LED lights on the drone are not stabilized, which indicates the remote and the drone are now synchronized.
  • Now take your device to an open area where there is no magnetic interference. Unfold the drone and place it on a flat surface.
  • Now press the geomagnetic correction button on the remote controller for 3 seconds. The front and rear lights on the drone will start to flash.
  • Start rotating the drone clockwise, one direction at a time, until the lights on the rear of the drone flash slowly. This indicates that the calibration is complete.
  • The final step is to calibrate the drone’s internal driver scope. Make sure the drone is placed on an even surface, and press and hold the geomagnetic correction button once
  • Check the lights of the drone; if they are persistently flashing, the drone is ready to fly.
Credit: Vivitar Official

Flight Modes:

The drone comes with two flight modes.

GPS Flight Mode for outdoor flight

Optical Flow Mode for indoor flight

When your drone is calibrated, it automatically enters the GPS flight mode. You can press the GPS button on the remote controller to switch between the flight modes.

One beep indicates optical flow flight mode; while two beeps indicate GPS flight mode.

What’s in the Box?

The VTI SkyHawk came in a neat, well-organized package, including the following items in the box;

  • The VTI SkyHawk GPS Video Drone
  • Remote controller
  • Extra rollerblades
  • A screwdriver
  • A USB charging cable

Note that the three AA batteries required for the remote controller are not included in the box.

VTI SkyHawk Drone unboxed

Unique Selling Point:

The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone is compact yet powerful, boasting a durable body designed to withstand high-speed crashes and light wind.

Features & Specs:

The VTI SkyHawk compact drone is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their aerial experience. Its durable build ensures that it remains resilient over time. With altitude hold and location lock features on board, this device guarantees stable flight paths, allowing you to capture stunning videos or images effortlessly.

The one-touch take-offs and landings simplify operation, while an integrated camera delivers good-quality footage. Let’s explore these features in detail.


The drone comes with a 1080p camera; however, its picture and video quality are not very impressive.

However, it offers a wide range of vertical adjustments with about 90 degrees’ worth of movement. One advantage is that you can easily save all your photos and footage directly onto the phone.


The VTI SkyHawk offers the perfect blend of power and precision. It’s easy to calibrate and offers responsive controls, allowing users to navigate with ease.

The drone’s performance is evident in its stable and steady flight. The fact that it can reposition itself in light windy conditions is a remarkable feature.


According to the reviewers, the VTI SkyHawk comes with a durable body. It can survive even high-speed crashes, experiencing only minor scuffs on its body. This remarkable durability not only ensures a longer lifespan for the device but also enhances the overall user experience.

Remote Controller:

This drone has been designed with simplicity in mind and comes with an easy-to-use remote controller. The remote controller also has a little clamp to hold your phone. You can connect the device to your phone through the mobile app to stream videos directly.


The drone comes with a 7.4v 1500mAh battery, which gets fully charged in about 2 hours. Some people have also reported that the battery charges in 60 minutes. A fully charged drone offers a flight time of 16 minutes, which is quite impressive for a compact drone.

VTI SkyHawk Battery


The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone is equipped with advanced GPS technology that enables it to perform altitude hover and location lock.

This means users can capture stable videos without any additional effort or equipment needed. With these features at their disposal, the device offers a seamless experience for anyone looking to create high-quality aerial footage.


The drone is equipped with three speed modes: slow, medium, and fast, making it suitable for all skill levels.

You can easily control the speed to ensure that your flight remains under control at all times. With this feature, you’ll never have any issues when flying, regardless of what level of experience you may possess!

Included Modes:

The drone’s “GPS” mode is designed to keep it stationary when you are not using the controller. However, you can also choose to disable this feature and fly in “normal” mode instead.

Benefits of VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone:

The VTI SkyHawk is an easy-to-use drone recommended for beginners and advanced flyers alike. It offers some cool features that make it a preferred choice, especially if your goal is to capture good-quality aerial photos and videos.

If you’re looking for a compact drone that offers some cool features, this might turn out to be a good choice. However, it’s a good idea to look at both its pros and cons to make the final decision.

Pros & Cons:

Our list of pros and cons will provide valuable insight into whether this drone is right for your needs. So, let’s take a look at these.


  • Compact & foldable
  • User-friendly design
  • Enhanced flying experience
  • Simple-to-use app
  • Good for beginners
  • Able to hover accurately


  • A bit over-priced for its features
  • The camera quality, not very impressive.
  • Limited range of control
  • Requires registration with the FAA
  • Unstable in windy conditions
  • The manual does not explain everything in detail.
  • Need to disable mobile data to make the app work

How Did We test the Drone?

The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone caught my attention straight out of the box with its sleek design and compactness. I couldn’t wait to test it out! However, there were two features that I was particularly looking forward to GPS-enabled stability and altitude hovering capabilities.

After following the manual’s instructions, calibrating the drone was a breeze. However, let me tell you that it does require a few extra steps compared to other drones I have used beforehand.

The next step was to connect the mobile app, which also didn’t pose any difficulties. As an experienced pilot myself, navigating this drone in midair came naturally. I didn’t notice any faults except for a couple of times when it became difficult to control it because of the wind.

Exploring its altitude hover feature also became effortless; thanks to its precision controls. I took a couple of photos
and recorded a short video while testing the drone’s altitude hover feature. The photos turned out to be ok, but let me warn you; its video quality was not up to the mark.

The result? A reliable, user-friendly experience that delivers stable aerial adventures without any hassles

Is It Worth the Hype?

Choosing a modern, high-tech drone depends on individual preferences and specific needs. The decision may also be affected by the budget you have in mind.

The VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone is priced at $1, which according to some people is a high price for an entry-level drone. However, when you look at its features, particularly its durability and user-friendly design, it seems to be a pretty decent device.

If your requirements align with resilience, stable flight operation, and ease of use, then the drone will meet your expectations.

However, if you intend to capture extremely high-quality HD aerial footage, require a device that will stay airborne even in harsh winds, and want some extra features, this drone may not fulfill your requirements.

Final Words:

Are you a beginner drone flyer looking for an affordable yet capable drone, or an experienced enthusiast seeking something compact?

Look no further than the VTI SkyHawk Compact Drone. Its features and performance are impressive considering its
price point, making it perfect for anyone who wants to get started with drones without breaking their budget.

With this model, nothing is holding back your aerial photography aspirations. However, if you want a more advanced quadcopter that offers extremely impressive camera quality, good battery life, and GPS that connects seamlessly, you may want to explore some other options. While this one is well-designed and pretty, it lacks in some areas that are considered important in today’s high-tech world.


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