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12 Best Apps for Drones: 2021

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As much as most flight systems in the recently produced drones depend on mobile devices, they need drone apps for a better flight experience.

That’s why I have come up with a list of the best apps for drones and all that is required of you is to keep reading and be enlightened.

The apps come in handy in various ways, including keeping the drone’s data and automating the device’s takeoffs and landing. Also, they help to build the flight plans for the drones and enable their operators to have a live view of the flying drone as it takes images.

All these confirm that the functionality of the drone is almost entirely dependent on the app. It is for these reasons why you need to have detailed knowledge of different drone apps.


This is one of the best choices you can go for when it comes to drone apps. It delivers significantly through monitoring, and this makes it suitable for movie shooting.

This app boasts several flying modes, including Ground channel, orbit me, Waypoints and Panorama, with each of them giving real-life results.

Another outstanding feature of the Litchi app is its creation of flight logs and the automatic uploading of each flight’s data, thus making it easy for you to have a post-analysis.

Additionally, the Litchi app can plan your flights before the day you intend to use your drone, more so if you are using your laptop.

This is because it features the mission hub, a platform that notifies you about the activities of other drone users.

You will also love this app because it will stick to the routes you have programmed accurately once you launch your drone. Therefore, you can be sure to capture exactly what you intended without a miss due to diversion.

Screenshot of Litchi App
Litchi App used for DJI Phantom

Air map:

If you want to get the most out of your drone without breaking any rules, download the Airmap app. The app will give you a drone flying experience that you have been yearning for.

Air Map makes sure that you get a quick response on the airspace rules on which you are flying your drone.

The app also helps you receive automatic flight approvals, and you can also prove that you have been compliant with the airspace rules.

Additionally, it gives you warnings if you have launched your drone in an area where drone flying is prohibited. This ensures that you avoid hazards since you can quickly identify obstructions by receiving live traffic alerts. It makes safety the number one priority of the app.

With its flight planning software, drone operators can plan their flights or request the same. They can also adjust the start time and duration of their flights.

Besides, Air map is easy to use, allows you to set speed and altitude maximally, and be more productive.

This app is universally available in more than 15 languages and will give you flight advisories regarding restrictions or any infrastructural upgrading that could be taking place.

DJI Controller using AIRMAP app


Mention DJI and most drone operators will tell you how its dominance has been consistent in the marketplace. This explains why the DJI Go App is a common choice for many.

The app will transform your drone flying experience because you can monitor and control your drones’ functions from the comfort of your home. Also, it helps you with the management of flight data while on the cloud.

Another fantastic feature of the application is its ability to edit photos and videos and share them instantly. You can be sure that this is not an ordinary app, and you can count on it in your drone’s functions.

Screenshot of DJI GO APP.


Most drone pilots look down on the Hover app because of its simplicity. However, this application is made for anyone enthusiastic when it comes to flying drones.

One of its remarkable features is the flight log that creates storage space for all your flight’s analytical data. Also, as a pilot, you can track the location and flight times of your drone.

If you ever have had your drone battery go down abruptly, you must have felt the inconvenience that comes with it. However, you will have no more of such occurrences with the Hover app because it monitors your battery usage.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the weather since it gives you all the weather data of your flight location.

A good drone app should notify you when your drone is ready to fly, and hover does precisely that. It boasts the flight readiness indicator, making it easy to understand if you can fly your drone safely or not.

You will also not be left behind when it comes to information since the hover app has a live news feed that keeps you updated with whatever is happening in your drone’s airspace.

All the content on the news feed comes from blog posts, news blogs, among other platforms, and you can be sure not to miss anything.

UAV Forecast:

As its name suggests, this app will give you a weather forecast and help you plan your flight well and be safe.

Through the app, you will know how hot or cold the temperature is, the intensity and speed of the wind, and if there are some rains expected within your flight location.

The app can give you all the weather information for the coming seven days, which will significantly help you plan. It is easy to use, and you can also read its information with ease.

Also, the app informs you of your battery usage, flight location, and duration. This is a must have drone app.

Sun Surveyor:

You have no reason to miss this drone app if you’re a serious drone operator. It gives you detailed information about the weather at particular times.

For instance, you can know when your intended flight location will have enough light for your shooting.

Besides, the Sun Surveyor app will also signal you when the time for the shooting light is almost up. Its ability to visualize the moon and weather is what makes it a reliable app for your drone.

Screen Shot of Sun Surveyer App
Sun Surveyor App

Photo fills:

This is a drone app whose features will amaze you and make your flight functions fun and easy. This app will accommodate any photography, whether it is a moonshot or sunrise capturing.

The app won’t limit you if you are a photographer because it’s best for day and night shooting.

It’s also usable in different languages, and therefore it is accommodating. Additionally, the app helps you register the altitude at which your drone is flying and plan well.

Photofills is one of the most practical applications you will have for your drone.

Screenshot of Photopills App
PhotoPills App


Now this is my favorite app. As a drone owner, you can’t afford to miss this application for various reasons. With this app, you can conduct some pre-flight checks and establish areas that prohibit drone flying.

Also, the app helps you know the weather condition and plan your flight well to avoid inconveniences caused by strong winds or rain.

Kitty Hawk also features flight logs, thus giving you enough space to store your data. However, you have to integrate it with DJI for the flight log importation to be possible.

Another exciting and incredible feature of this app is its ability to give you post-flight analyses.

You can trust this easy-to-use drone app for safe flights and proper data collection. The app has a safety feature that prevents flight operators from initiating automatic flights to a location, not within the initial range.

The best part about this app is that you can view all the drone’s activities through live-streamed videos or audio.

Kityhawk application for drones
Kittyhawk App


Protect your drone flights with this app, and you will have a fantastic experience. The Federal Aviation Administration has produced this app, and therefore it is unmatchable when it comes to safety.

The app informs drone operators of any restrictions of aircraft flights within their intended flight location. It has data that includes all airports around and different interactive and informative maps, making your flight convenient.

Additionally, the B4UFly app is linked to essential drone resources of FAA and information about flight regulation. The best part of this application is that its improvement is in progress, and therefore you can expect a better drone flight experience.

Google Earth:

Without any argument, the list of the best apps for drones can’t be complete without the Google Earth app. As expected, figuring out where you will fly your drone is the first thing you do before launching it.

And with this application, you can have easy navigation of the location and plan your flight.

This feature makes it the best in identifying new flight spaces and increasing your productivity. It also makes room for you to be adventurous in your drone flying activities.


When it comes to your drone’s flight safety, Verifly is unmatchable and very useful. This drone app for android insures your drone and facilitates a reimbursement in case something terrible happens.

Among the things that the insurance covers include property damage, injuries inflicted on people, privacy invasion in prohibited areas.

The starting price for this drone insurance app is $10 per hour, and it is instantly approved. It doesn’t have any annual commitments, and you can receive all the information through the app or personal email.

The app is not limited to commercial drones or those that are flown for fun. The policy permits you to fly your drone up to a distance of 2 miles for not more than eight hours.

Additionally, the app has a mapping technology and ideal conditions for drone flying and will adequately and timely advise a drone operator.

The charges for this app are applicable if you use the on-demand insurance; otherwise, it is free in other cases.


You stand to gain much with the Dronedeploy app. The main reason behind the innovation of this drone app was to make it a drone mapping software.

This explains why the app can create models of 3D and aerial maps with ease. Also, this app makes it easy for you to monitor your drone and its functions automatically.

You will easily capture your intended aerial data with a single click on your mobile phone.

Additionally, the app has imagery processing features that use computer vision, which helps you process many images if you wish.

This application is practical in different fields, including farming, game parks, construction, and mining. All this is owed to its ability to hold extensive drone data.

The app also enables you to share photos, videos, and other forms of information even without internet or SD card availability.

Dronedeploy is also not limited to a specific type of drone. It is compatible with a number of the most common drones available in the market. You will also cherish the app for its ability to assess and analyze data.

How to Use Drones for Surveying?

A person using Dronedeploy app.
A person using Dronedeploy app

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it a must to use an app when flying a drone?

Not all drones require apps to fly. You can fly some using a remote control. However, you will not enjoy most of the flight features that are found in an app. One of such features is the live streaming of all the activities at the drone’s location.

Must I spend much on drone apps?

This depends on your reference. If you feel that you need the advanced and unique features that these drone apps boast of, then spending much on them is worth it. This is more so if you are using your drone for commercial purposes.

Do all drone apps have the weather forecast feature?

Not all applications can notify you about the weather. This is why you need to consult first before acquiring one. After all, you might not need a weather-based app unless you are in photography.


This article has discussed the best drone application that you can choose. All the apps are developed with drone operators and their convenience in mind.

They are easy to use and make drone operations effective. Go ahead and download the ones you feel are most applicable for your drone applications.

Happy Flying!!

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