NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone

NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone Review 2022

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Beginners and experience drone flyers both love a drone that is compact, easy to store, and delivers an amazing flight experience.

Well, that’s precisely what NEHEME promises with its NH525 drone.

But how true are these claims, and what does the NEHEME NH525 foldable drone have to offer? If that’s what you’re here to find out, then you’re definitely in the right place.

The NEHEME NH525 Drone is a high-quality foldable drone that comes equipped with impressive features. These include multiple flight modes, a sleek design, easy flight capabilities, and much more – all in a very affordable price.

But there’s much more to this drone than meets the eye. In this article, we’re going to talk about the NEHEME NH525, its features and specs, pros and cons, flight setup, and testing, along with everything in between.

So, before you make your buying decision, make sure you check this drone review out. Without wasting any time, let’s get started right away.

NEHEME: The Drone Company:

NEHEME is a high-end established drone manufacturing company that has been in the drone industry for many years. Their goal is to utilize drone technology and build drones perfect for professional and hobbyist usage with all the right specs at affordable prices.

At NEHEME, all the stakeholders are focused on one thing, delivering an amazing drone flying experience to the customers.

So, without a doubt, their products are great, and they come at a decent price as well. That is why, we’re going to check out one of their premier products – the NEHEME NH525 in this review.

Neheme Logo

NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone:

The NEHEME NH525 is a compact, sleekly designed quadcopter that comes with camera, decent amount of battery, multiple flight modes, and a lot more.

Recently, this drone is getting a lot of attention and popularity. Additionally, drone hobbyists are getting numerous new inclusions in their community. So, naturally, you might be inclined to buying this drone as well.

That’s why I’ve decided to check it out and give you all a thorough review on the NH525. I tried the NEHEME NH525 a week ago, and it just arrived. Therefore, you know what that means. It is time to review it.

What’s in the Box?

Right off the bat, the box the NEHEME NH525 came in was nicely designed. The internal components were very well protected as well which is something I find pleasantly surprising.

Once I opened the box, I found a bunch of cool things within. Here are the exact contents of the NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone box;

·        NEHEME NH525 Drone

·        Spare Battery (3.7V 1200mAH)

·        Instructional Manual

·        Company Card

·        Charging Cable

·        Spare Propellers and Screw Driver

·        Prop Guards

·        Remote Controller

NEHEME NH525 drone out of the box

Without a doubt, there are so many more things within this box than I anticipated for the price that it comes. So, NEHEME has definitely checked every box in this regard (no pun intended).

Features and Specs of NEHEME NH525:

When it comes to the features and specs, the NEHEME NH525 offers many great inclusions for both professionals and beginners.

Let’s take a look at some major ones below.


The NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone is equipped with a mini camera that is 45 degrees adjustable. It offers 1080P HD resolution for capturing pictures and recording stunning visuals from above.

It also comes with FPV transmission capability that you can utilize with your mobile phone. This can be achieved with the help of their proprietary application. By utilizing this feature, you can have even better looks of the sky from the eye of the drone.


The NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drone is quite decent when it comes to performance. Typically, you don’t expect great things in terms of performance from such low-cost drones.

But when it comes to stability, flight capability, and smoothness of flying experience, it is one of the best drones on the market.

Flight Speed and Range:

One of the best things about this drone is its 3-speed capability. You can fly the NH525 drone on low, medium, and high speeds depending upon your experience and capability.

But when it comes to the overall range of the drone flight, the NH525 lacks a bit in comparison to other drones. It is still not bad for a hobbyist drone, right around 100 meters with a 2.4GHz connection.

Flight Time:

The NH525 Drone comes packed with a 3.7V 1200mAH battery within it. This battery is capable of giving the drone a total flight time of around 11 minutes roughly which isn’t a lot.

However, it does come with a spare battery, and you can charge that battery as well. It will make the total available flight time with both the batteries right around 22 minutes, which is pretty decent. You have to do extra work for that, though.

Multiple Flight Options:

Coming onto the meaty part of the drone, which surprisingly is quite versatile, is the multitude of flight options that it comes with. You’ve got the simple remote flight, headless mode, multiple speed functions, altitude mode, and much more.

It also features a hand gesture mode, 360-degree flips and rolling capability, and rotating capability. Another attractive feature is Draw a Route functionality that can be used to draw a route on the app that the drone will follow.

So, without a doubt, the flight options are very impressive in this drone.

Multiple flight options of NEHEME NH525
NEHEME NH525 have multiple flight options
Draw a route functionality is cool

Remote Transmitter:

When it comes to remote controllers of typical drones, they’re similar in terms of looks and overall level of comfort. However, that’s not the case with the NH525 remote transmitter.

The design of the transmitter is capsule-shaped, which is quite unique. It is also pretty comfortable and sturdy. It contains many options along with the analog sticks that you can use to control the drone itself.

Pros and Cons of the NEHEME NH525 Drone:

Just like everything else, this drone also has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Before you think of buying the NEHEME NH525 Drone, you must check out its pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros and cons you’re going to find in this drone;


·        Affordable – One of the best things about this drone is the fact that it is priced much lower than many other drones with lesser features and specs than this one.

·        Compact – When it comes to the size and the fact that there is foldability involved, it is quite compact. You can easily store it in a small space.

·        Good for Beginners – One-key flight and return option makes it the perfect choice for kids and beginners in the drone hobbyist field.

·        Durable Design – The design of the NEHEME NH525 is quite strong and durable. It can take a few hard bumps if the transmission goes wrong, so don’t worry a lot when you’re flying.


·        Low Flight Time – At a time there can only be a single battery inside the drone. This offers only 11 minutes of flight time, which is definitely not very impressive.

·        Range isn’t long – As a hobbyist drone, the range might be alright. But in the long run, the range of this drone is not suitable to take your experience to the next level.

How Did We Test the NEHEME NH525 Drone?

I tested the NEHEME NH525 according to the standard protocols. Here’s a look at each of the different aspects of the drone that were tested individually;

Flight Test:

The initial test was the flight test for the NH525. In this test, I checked out the simple flight motion of the drone as well as how well it flew according to the communication of the transmitter.

Sudden movements of the remote were detected right away, as long as the drone was in range. All the movements held up quite well in the flight test which was pretty great for the NEHEME NH525 foldable drone.

Testing Video and Image Capture:

In the next step, the video capturing capability, resolution, and picture taking ability of the drone was checked. The drone did decent in the test but not exceptionally well.

The 1080P HD Camera resolution is quite decent for its price and the pictures are decent. But they’re definitely not at the level that you’re going to be able to use this drone for professional aerial videography.

Testing Application:

In this phase of the testing, we checked the smoothness of the application and its flow. And the fact that it should be easy to use without any complex options and interfaces.

The Application of the NEHEME NH525 which also offers the additional capability of FPV that makes the overall experience much better. The simplicity of the application and the smoothness is great. So, the app certainly passes the test.

DJI Mavic Mini: Best Alternative to the NH525:

A higher quality quadcopter with all the options offered by NH525 is none other than the DJI Mavic Mini Drone.

It has everything that the NH525 has but an upgraded version along with many inclusions that the former doesn’t even offer.

However, it is significantly more expensive as well. So, go for it if budget isn’t a concern, you’re going to have a great time with it.

I still have my DJI Mavic Mini and still, it’s great.


The NEHEME NH525 is definitely a great option if you’re looking for a compact drone that offers great specs and features. Its beginner-friendliness also works quite well for it.

In this article, we looked at its features as well as a few pros and cons to make the buying decision easier for you.

Overall, if you are looking for a good-quality but low-priced quadcopter with some advanced features, this is for you. It might not have an impressive flight time and camera results. But for the price it comes at, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

So, you should certainly think of getting it if you like it. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you’re going to have a wonderful experience with it. May you have a good time flying your drone!


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