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Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone: Review 2022

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As a drone enthusiast, finding a high-quality FPV drone that offers all the amazing flight functionalities, features, and capabilities for an affordable price can be difficult nowadays.

But that is precisely what this toy drone claims to offer. So, is the Snaptain S5C FPV Toy Drone worth the price? How good is it? These are the questions you might be asking now, and I’m here to answer them.

The Snaptain S5C FPV Toy Drone is a high-quality Wi-Fi FPV drone that records at a decent 720P resolution, offers tons of capabilities, a great value, tons of add-ons, and is relatively easy to fly in comparison to many other drones.

But there is much more to this drone that you’re going to want to know before you buy it.

In this article, I will talk about the Snaptain S5C drone, what it offers, specs, pros and cons, whether it is worth it or not, and the perfect alternative to the drone.

So, without wasting any time at all, let’s get started with this Wi-Fi FPV Toy Drone In-depth review.

Snaptain S5C FPV Toy Drone:

The Snaptain S5C FPV Toy Drone is a high-quality Wi-Fi FPV installment in the collection of affordable Snaptain drones.

Snaptain S5C has a superb design, compact frame, and tons of features that make it the drone for beginners and professionals alike.

Even though this drone is marketed as a simplistic and easy to fly machine, it comes with some pretty cool features like return to home, intelligent voice commands, stunt capabilities, 360-degree flips, and headless mode as well.

This FPV drone is incredibly popular among beginner drone flyers around the world, and seeing its huge likeliness and decent affordability; I decided to get it for myself and thoroughly review it. So, let’s get to unbox this drone.

What’s in the Box?

First off, I’d like to talk about the design of the box itself. It is quite tasteful and compact; the look is pretty unique and I almos didn’t want to unbox the drone itself.

Upon opening the box, I saw a decent layer of protective material, and under it, these contents were available:

·        Snaptain S5C Drone

·        2 Batteries (One Extra)

·        Full set of props

·        Prop guards

·        Instructional Manual

·        USB charger

·        Micro-SD card

·        Screws, Spinners, and Screwdriver

·        Landing Feet

·        Remote Controller

So, undoubtedly, the box’s contents are pretty decent. The inclusion of the extra battery and SD card make it a significant value drone for all kinds of flyers.

Snaptain S5C WI-FI FPV Drone out of the box.
Snaptain S5C WI-FI FPV Drone

Features and Specs of the Snaptain S5C:

So let us talk about the features and specs of the Snaptain S5C drone, it has a lot to offer at quite an affordable price. You’re going to find many excellent options and capabilities in this drone.

Let’s take a look at some of the significant features and specs that the Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone comes with.


The Snaptain S5C comes with a high-quality 720P camera that is capable of taking pictures and recording decent videos, directly streaming them onto your FPV mobile device and saving it on the Micro-SD card inserted into the drone as well.

Although there is no gimbal attached to the camera, it can still be manually moved up and down if you want to take a certain angle of the picture and video shots.


If we talk about the overall performance of the Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV drone, it flies pretty nicely and is very good in terms of controlling and moving around when you’re recording.

The high-quality motors and neatly designed propellers ensure that the S5C drone flies perfectly through the sky whether a beginner is flying it or a professional is using it.

Battery Timing:

The Snaptain S5C comes with a 550mAh LiPo battery with a USB low c connector out of the box. One impressive thing about this drone is that it comes with a spare battery as well.

When it comes to the overall battery timing, you can expect the Snaptain S5C to last around 8 minutes on a single full charge. Of course, after that, you’re going to have to charge the battery again.

Flight Range:

This drone comes with a flight range of around 80 meters. However, beyond this, the drone’s connection is interrupted, and you might not be able to control it effectively.

A range this much is quite enough for a learning drone that projects FPV feed to your mobile device, but 80 meters might not be enough for the perfect results when it comes to professional aerial photography.


When it comes to the stability of flight, this toy drone is definitely one of the better ones. It is pretty stable and offers a decent amount of control to even beginners.

A built-in G-sensor allows you to control the Snaptain S5C drone by adjusting your smartphone’s horizontal and vertical position using the Snaptain Era application that comes with this drone.

Flight Options:

A great thing about the FPV Toy Drone is that it comes with a wide variety of relaxed flight and recording options which make it quite an excellent drone to have.

From one button press take-off and landing to return to home feature, headless mode, voice commands, and even stunt flip capability, there are many flight options available in the Snaptain S5C for drone enthusiasts.

Speed Range:

Depending upon whether you’re flying the drone indoors or in the open sky, there are three speed modes that you can switch with the press of a single button on the Snaptain S5C remote controller.

These three-speed modes are low, medium, and high. So, using them, you can effectively fly the drone at whichever speed you like. It will offer a wonderful experience.

Remote Controller:

Like many FPV drones, the Snaptain S5C also has a remote controller. However, this remote controller is different from others. The overall design is comfortable, but the analog sticks are placed at various locations.

It will take time to get used to them. The remote controller uses three AA batteries to get powered and comes with a proper label manual that you can look at to understand which button is for what purpose.

Snaptain Era App:

The application that is available on multiple app stores for the Snaptain S5C drone is the Snaptain Era App. Using this app, you can control the drone and check the live FPV feed.

There are multiple functions within the app that you can utilize using the Wi-Fi connection to the drone. So, this app will enhance your recording experience if you pair it with the adjustable remote controller mobile holder.

Screenshot of Snaptain era application
Snaptain Era App

Pros and Cons of the S5C FPV Drone:

Are you thinking of getting the S5C FPV drone for yourself or a loved one? Well, before you do that, it is essential that you take a look at some of the pros and cons that the drone comes with.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages you’re going to face with the S5C FPV Drone:


Great Price –

One thing that the Snaptain S5C is excellent at is providing fantastic value. Despite having many epic features and exciting options, it isn’t costly.

In fact, if you compare the price of this drone with others, you’re going to see that it is pretty affordable in comparison with others.


Another benefit of the Snaptain S5C drone is that it is super-easy to fly. There isn’t any complexity to the flight process, and the controls are pretty easy to understand as well.

So, the Snaptain S5C drone is a very beginner-friendly one.

Durability –

Talking about the build quality of the Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV drone, it is pretty durable. The high quality of the build indeed shows through the stunning design and the capability of this drone to take a hit and still be in tip-top shape.

2K HD Camera –

This drone is available in different specifications and one of them offers an amazing 2K HD recording camera. This camera provides much better quality than 1080p cameras, and therefore it is highly recommended.

Aerial shot of an Indian town from a drone.
Credit: IG- remoteflyer20


Not great for windy conditions –

If you’re someone who needs a drone that is robust and high-powered enough to be able to fly in any weather condition without experiencing dive-bombing, then S5C isn’t recommended.

This drone is not good in windy conditions.

Is the Snaptain S5C Worth the Hype?

So, finally, the million-dollar question is, is the Snaptain S5C worth the hype? Yes, it definitely is. It comes for a relatively affordable price and at the same time offers a bunch of great drone options and flying capabilities.

In fact, for beginners, it is quite an easy drone to set up and fly, which is why it makes for the perfect drone to start with so that you can effectively learn the art of aerial photography.

So, if you’re low on budget and you want a drone that comes with a bunch of features, getting the Snaptain S5C is going to be an excellent decision for you that you’ll be proud of.

Best Alternative to the Snaptain S5C WI-FI FPV Drone: DJI Tello

Although the Snaptain S5C is a good beginner drone if you’re looking for a bit extra for just a few more dollars, getting the DJI Tello would be a good choice for you.

The DJI Tello makes for the perfect alternative to the Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone and offers more features and options. It even has autonomous features and can take stills and record 720P videos.

However, the good thing about the DJI Tello is that it comes with a longer 13 minutes of flight time, which is almost twice the flight time the Snaptain S5C offers.

For the price that it comes, the DJI Tello offers a fantastic design, stunning build quality, and an overall value that is incomparable with any other drone in the same price bracket on the market.

So, you’re definitely going to like it as an alternative to the Snaptain S5C.

DJI Tello on the table


The Snaptain S5C is a pretty impressive drone. The best thing about it is that it isn’t tricky to set up or fly, so everyone can fly it. It records a decent video footage and can be the perfect place to start your drone flying journey from.

So, if you get this drone for yourself, you’re going to have a wonderful experience with it. I hope you learned a lot from this review and that you will make the right buying decision regarding the Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone.


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