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Why DJI Mini Cannot Fly Higher Than 15 Meters in India?

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One of the best things about owning a drone is being able to push it to its limits. This could be by flying it as high as possible or flying as fast as possible.

As DJI Mini/Mini 2 are considered Nano drones, i.e. under 250 gms, so they are not allowed to fly more than 15 meters altitude.

Of course, you should pay attention to your region’s guidelines before attempting any of these stunts. However, some drone manufacturers limit how you can fly the drones, giving you less freedom on how to fly them.

One of the drones that have caused some unpleasant moments to drone enthusiasts in India, or those planning to take their drones to India, is the DJI Mini and its upgrade, the DJI Mini 2. So, why can’t people in India fly the Mini higher than 15 Meters?

In response, DJI stated that they installed the 15-meter limit since it’s a requirement by the Indian Government. The Indian Government civil aviation regulatory body, DGCA, requires all drones to maintain a 15-meter altitude.

Please keep reading to find out more about this altitude limit.

How High Can Mavic Mini/Mini 2 Fly?

In most areas, drones are allowed to fly as high as 120 Metres. But they also allow you to adjust this altitude to 500 M through the settings tab.

You Just have to open settings in the DJI Fly app, scroll to “Set Maximum Flight Altitude,” and choose your desired altitude. But this only applies in other parts of the World. In India, you’re restricted to the 15 Meters altitude.

Dji Fly App showing controls.
DJI Fly App Controls

Does DJI Limit Altitude?

Yes. In most of their drones, DJI limits the maximum altitude to 500 Metres. While there are many workarounds to disable this limit, it’s best to follow your region’s local regulations.

The limit on the DJI Mini and Mini 2 came with an update to the DJI’s app. While you can downgrade to the older version to disable this limit, it’s illegal, and you’ll violate the DGCA rules if you exceed the altitude.

How Far Can A DJI Mini 2 Fly?

A DJI Mini 2 drone can fly as far as 10 Km from the drone pilot, thanks to the OcuSync transmission.

However, in India, you are required to fly within 400 feet (120 Meters). That means that your drone should be in your sight at all times.

Other Drone Regulations in India:

Drones are allowed in India. But if you’re from another country, there are certain regulations you need to abide by.

We have already covered the altitude-limit, below are more regulations you should be aware of.

Flying a Drone in India:

As a foreigner, you can’t fly a drone in India. You have to lease your drone to an Indian Citizen. This citizen will then get a UIN (Unique Identification Number) issued by DGCA.

  • All drones set to fly in the India Airspace should be registered. The only exception is the Nano drones, which are mainly used for military operations.
  • Avoid flying NFZ (No Fly Drones) such as close to airports, Military bases, borders, Vijay Chowk (New Delhi), State Secretariat Complex, etc.)
  • You can request permission to fly in controlled Airspace by obtaining an Air Defense Clearance (ADC) and or an FIC Number (Flight Information Center).

The Indian Government also requires drones to have the following equipment or capabilities;

  • Anti-Collision light
  • Return-to-Home (RTH) features.
  • ID Plate
  • Flight Controller
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No Permission No Takeoff Policy (NPNT):

Every time you need to fly a drone within the Indian airspace, you need to request permission. This is what the DGCA refers to as the “No Permission No Take Off” Policy.

They can choose to approve or reject your request. And the drone will not take off if you try to skip this approval process. For more information about flying a drone in India’s airspace, visit the DGCA Website.


And there you have it. DJI set the 15-meter altitude-limit in the DJI Mini and Mini 2 to adhere to India’s regulations. If you don’t want to have the limit on your drone, you can stick to the older version of the DJI Fly App.

If you’re a travel blogger/vlogger, or drone enthusiast planning to travel to India with your drone, we have highlighted some of the rules you need to follow to safely use your drone.

Did we miss something about India’s drone regulations? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Happy Flying Folks!

Why DJI Mini/Mini 2 Cannot Fly Higher Than 15 Meters in India?
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Why DJI Mini/Mini 2 Cannot Fly Higher Than 15 Meters in India?
India, have an altitude limit on Nano drones which is not good for drone pilots in India.
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