Contixo F24 Pro

Contixo F24 Pro: The Perfect Drone to Start With.

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Having been flying drones for the past year, I have come to love DJI drones. However, while DJI takes more than 60% of the market share, there are other consumer drones popping up, and they could be worth your while, especially if you are anti-DJI or are looking for cheaper drones.

I had the chance of testing the Contixo F24 PRO, and before I go into details, here is a summary of how I feel about it.

Weighing above 500 grams, Contixo F24 PRO is a good drone for first-time users. Besides, even my children can fly it. And I do not have to break the bank; it is more affordable than most drones. Its ability to fly for 30 minutes even at 1,700 feet and the 4K UHD camera are things I love.

Experience is the best teacher, and getting a genuine review from someone who has used this drone is what you need. So, keep reading. 

Contixo F24 PRO: The Perfect Drone To Start With! 

The Contixo F24 PRO is a great drone for a beginner because it is easy to use and fly. I will dive more into why you should buy one, too, by discussing its performance and design so that you can decide if you are getting value for your money. 


The Contixo F24 PRO is stress-free to carry because its design allows folding. However, it is still big to fit in the pocket. But you do not need to stress because it comes with a high-quality, light bag. Weighing slightly above 500 grams; the drone does not feel heavy to carry around. 

What I did not know, though, was that I needed a flying permit with such a weight. So, do not get into trouble with the authorities; get a permit before flying the drone. 

I loved one thing, the LED indicators on the battery.

At least, keeping track of the 2,500 lithium battery life is easy. From what I had gathered in my research, once a battery suddenly drains, it is easy to lose track of the drone, which could mean losing it completely if it is flying far from you or around the sea. So, LED indicators are such a great feature. 

With a Contixo F24 PRO, you can adjust the drone vertically up to 90 degrees.

The 5GHz network makes it easy to fly the drone at 1,700 feet without worrying about losing it. Besides, a remote controller makes it easy for beginners to take off and land safely without crashing the drone.

So, if, like me, you want to avoid counting losses because of crashing your drone due to lack of enough skill to fly it, please get this model.

You will fall in love with it. What is more? The remote also helps when flying the drone at a long range. 

Talking of the camera, Contixo F24 PRO features a 4K camera with a field of view of 120 degrees. 

Contixo F24 Pro Drone with its bag and components.
Contixo F24 Pro Drone

The Bag:

The inside of the bag has slots that make packaging the drone safely possible. So, whether you go hiking or elsewhere, you will not worry about the drone parts knocking each other. 

Besides, the bag also has foam padding, further protecting the drone from knocks. Though the drone comes with only one battery, the bag has an extra slot for storing another battery, just in case there is a need to be added. 


One of the greatest features of this drone is the ability to record great videos in 2.7K resolution without distorting the image color. This is possible due to the 4K 5GHz camera that is Wi-Fi enabled.  

Moreover, this drone provides the best performance due to the brushless motors. So, it offers a smooth operation, leaving you worrying about where to fly and what features to capture. It is a great buy!

You will agree with me; only a few beginner drones feature a flying range of 1,700 feet, right? The remote controller makes it stress-free to fly at this range without much skill. 

Heads up the flight time is 30 minutes, but be warned, when the weather is not conducive, the flying time reduces. So, when it is windy, the drone struggles to fly and uses more power.

Consequently, the 2,500 mAh battery drains faster than it would if the weather was conducive. 

However, the battery charges fast, so you will not have to wait a whole day for the drone to charge completely. 

F24 PRO by Contixo also features an orbit mode, enabling it to spin in one area at 360 degrees, capturing all the necessary details. 


Buying Contixo F24 PRO is value for money based on its features.

Let me list a few interesting ones before I give my verdict: The major features, in my view as a beginner, that are captivating include; Return to home, the remote controller, Follow Me, the flight range, and the gesture control mode.

The Return to Home feature is a life-saver when a drone suddenly flies away due to bad weather or other reasons. With this feature, you can save yourself the trouble of spending an entire day looking for the drone or buying another so soon.

Buying the first drone feels great, and 30 minutes of flight time would eventually feel too short. Another battery is essential as it allows you to charge the drained one while you use the other.

This makes it possible to fly the drone for the longest time possible. So, the extra storage space in the bag is essential. 

Here is another great feature: Follow Me. This is an essential feature in my case, as the primary task of my drone is to capture live events. With the Follow Me feature, every move makes the drone follow along, thereby keeping it in the right capturing position. Consequently, there is perfect footage.

The gesture control mode makes it easy to operate the drone without touching it. This makes it feel like a top-notch drone, which it is!

With the gesture control feature, for every move I make, the drone can correctly interpret it. Without saying much, it is clear that buying a Contixo F24 PRO is an investment that is worth every penny spent. It is value for money. 

It can be a mix of feelings when the drone arrives from the manufacturer.

Suddenly, there are traces of doubts about flying skills! Fear to start flying the drone; suddenly grips in. It is not necessary; there is a manual that makes everything clear. 

Contix F24 Pro Banner.
Contix F24 Pro


  • The F24 pro drone
  • Four additional (Spare) propellers 
  • Manual Guide
  • Remote control
  • A top-quality, light-carrying bag
  • Li-Po battery
  • A screwdriver
  • A USB micro charging cable


Beginner Friendly: It is not a hustle to fly the drone, even as a beginner. With the manual in place, setting up the drone is so easy. Besides, it does not take long before learning to fly the drone like an ‘expert.’

Remote control: Landing and taking off can be challenging. The remote eases the whole process, making it difficult for the drone to crash when landing. 

Extra Propellers: The extra propellers save the trouble of spending money buying new ones once the original one gets tampered with.

Well-padded bag: The bag is well-padded and has enough slots to keep each accessory safe while traveling. So, even when hiking, it is hard for your drone to crash. 

Flight range: A flight range of 1,700 feet is good enough for a beginner, even experts!

Battery: The lithium battery has LED indicators, making it easy to know when to charge it. In addition, it can fly for at least half an hour, which is good enough. 

Auto Return Home: When the battery drains, the weather suddenly changes, and the drone flies away, or if there is a loss of signal, the drone returns to the initial position using the auto return home feature. 

4K Camera: The camera produces high-quality photos and videos even when captured at a high range. 

Gesture mode: Hands-free; taking selfies has never been so easy! The drone is intelligent enough to interpret gestures and capture images. Therefore, the drone automatically starts recording when it sees a “PALM” gesture. On the other hand, when you want to take great photos, a “YEAH” gesture will initiate the action. 


One battery: Though the carrying bag has a slot for an extra bag, the manufacturers only provide one battery.

Permit: As a beginner, you must have a permit to fly this drone. This comes as an extra cost for the drone.

While this is a perfect drone for a beginner, there are a few features I would love to see in the future. Do not misunderstand me; for the price, I love the drone, and its quality does not affect my rating at all!

But I think it would be a better quality if the manufacturer considered adding the following features:

Compass: I use glasses to see things that are far. So, when the drone is several meters, for example, above 180, it is a challenge to differentiate the front and the back.

A compass would be a great feature to add, also because of the elderly who could strain to see far clearly. 

Standard Flight Mode: I would appreciate it if switching to standard from metric was possible. This would be key whenever I want to change the behavior of the F24 PRO. When starting to fly every new day, this feature would be of much help as it helps in flying from one point to another while taking excellent photos.

How Do I Connect My Contixo F24 Drone To My Phone?

It is okay to face a challenge when using a new drone. One of those challenges is connecting the Contixo drone to your phone. Below, I will give you a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow. I will also show you how to start and stop the motor. Keep reading. 

  • Long press the power button. The light starts to blink rapidly to confirm that the drone is on. 
  • The frequency then pairs automatically 
  • Turn the drone remote on; it will blink to indicate it is on 
  • On the remote, push the joystick upwards and then downwards.  
  • The previously white lights blinking on the back become blue while the front ones remain white and all blink rapidly. This is an indication the pairing was a success. 
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. 
  • Enter the APP when prompted. 
  • To allow calibration of the compass, hold the drone, and turn 360 degrees while holding it up. 
  • At the back, the blue lights (some drones may have red lights) will turn solid blue.
  • Again, rotate 360 degrees while holding the Contixo F24 face-down.
  • The previously white front lights (some drones may have red lights) will become solid white. 
  • It is all good now; you can place the drone on the ground again
  • You will notice that it will begin to search for the (Global Positioning System) GPS signals 
  • After a few seconds, the blue backlights will become solid like the white front lights. That is an indication that the calibration was successful. 
  • Hold the right joystick using one right thumb and the left joystick holding the left thumb and turn them to 7 and 5 o’clock, respectively. 
  • The motor will start, making the propellers rotate. Release the joysticks.
  • Again, use your thumbs (like you did a few seconds ago) to push the joysticks in the 7 and 5 o’clock position to stop the motor. The propellers will stop rotating.


How Far Can The Contixo F24 Drone Fly?

The range of the F24 Pro Contixo drone is 1700 feet without compromising on the quality of the videos or photos. It has a stronger GPS signal which is also incredibly stable. 

The Closing Remarks:

Buying a Contixo F24 PRO is not a regret. It offers all the features I would love to see in a drone. Besides, it takes a few hours to learn how to fly it, even for a first-time drone user. Cheaper than most drones in its range, the F24 PRO drone by Contixo can produce unmatched top-quality video shots and photos thanks to the 4K UHD camera.

With the half an hour flight time, it is possible to fly the drone without worrying about it crashing due to a drained battery as long as I do not exceed the given time.

At least, with the right weather conditions, I am guaranteed that I can fly it for not less than 30 minutes. On a windy day, though, the battery can last at least 20 minutes, depending on the strength of the wind.  

The bag helps keep the drone safe and well organized, making it easy to carry without crashing.

If you are a beginner or have never used a drone but want to try your hands on a drone, do not hesitate to buy the Contixo F24 PRO. 


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