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How Much Does a Drone Light Show Cost?

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Drone light shows have been taking the world by storm as an alternative to fireworks.

Drones with their unique and captivating visuals can create stunning displays in the sky that can be used for any occasion—from weddings to corporate events.

But just how much does it cost to put on a drone light show?

In general, drone light shows can cost between $10k-$300k. This all depends on the number of drones, patterns, company, and more. Smaller Events cost between $500-$1000.

Let’s break it down in detail.

What Is a Drone Light Show?

A drone light show is an airborne performance featuring a swarm of programmable drones that create dynamic light patterns with the help of LEDs.

The drones can be preprogrammed to fly in intricate formations and even execute choreographed movements, creating mesmerizing visuals for spectators on the ground. For large-scale shows, hundreds, or even thousands of drones can be used to create incredible light displays.

Drone light show
Drone Light Show

Cost Factors:

The cost of a drone light show will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the event, location, duration, complexity of the design, and the number of drones needed.

Generally speaking, pricing starts at around $5-10 per drone per minute for basic designs with fewer drones but can go up significantly if you’re looking for something more complex or larger scale with multiple drones involved.

For example, if you are planning an event for 500 people with a 10-minute long show featuring 10-20 drones and intricate patterns in the sky, then you would expect to pay somewhere in the range of $5-10 thousand dollars. On the other hand, smaller events with simpler designs may only cost anywhere from $500-$1000 depending on the details.

Below is a table about the estimated cost for these shows. This table is provided by UASVision.

$99,000200 classic dronesSimple recognizable logo and shape designs, best suited for small spaces.
$149,000300 classic dronesDynamic animations, moving shapes, figures, text.
$199,000300 premium dronesCreative or custom 3D animations.
$299,000500 premium dronesLarge detailed 3D animation.
Custom PricingMore than 500 dronesLarger visuals and animations using thousands of drones.

Drone Equipment Rental Fees:

In addition to paying for your actual show itself (in most cases), there are also rental fees associated with renting out drone equipment like remote controllers and extra batteries that can add up quickly when throwing a larger event or party.

These fees will vary depending on what type of equipment is needed and how many hours it needs to be used for — so make sure to get quotes from different suppliers before making your final decision!

Drone Show Software Cost:

The software needed to execute a successful drone light show is the most costly component.

So, if you’re looking to do it yourself, then be sure that your chosen software works with your controller and can support controlling multiple drones simultaneously, while still displaying other visuals.

But if you don’t have time or feel overwhelmed by the task, there are numerous options available – ranging from free-of-cost solutions such as Aerobo or Skylum Flocktivity (only for Android gadgets) up to high-end professional systems like those provided by Red Bull and Intel drone-light shows.

Intel Drone 100 Light Show
Intel Drone 100 Light Show

Drone Operating Costs:

The expense of a drone light show is based on the number of drones utilized, and this can drastically affect the total cost. Suppose you only plan to use 5 drones; then each hour will likely cost $250-$500.

These expenses include crew members assembling before every presentation in addition to fuel for the machines and flying time for drone pilots. To save funds while still attaining professional results, opt instead for shared fleets rather than hiring your own team and equipment!

Drone Show Benefits:

Drone shows are quickly becoming a popular way to add excitement and entertainment value to events.

This trend has been growing in popularity due to its impressive visuals, affordability, and flexibility. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits that come with hosting a drone show at your next event.

Safety and Reliability:

One of the biggest advantages of using drones for an event is their safety and reliability.

Drones have been designed to be incredibly safe and reliable, so they can be operated without worry or fear by trained professionals.

Additionally, because they are unmanned aerial vehicles, they don’t put any people in danger during the show. This makes them ideal for large-scale events where safety is a priority.

Customizable Options:

Another great benefit of using drones for your next event is that it offers customizable options for your show. With custom mapping technology, you can create unique visuals that will wow your audience.

You can also customize the colors, patterns, and effects used in your show based on what you want to achieve with it. Plus, if you need help creating a unique design or pattern for your drone show, there are companies out there that offer this service as well!

No Fire or Drought Issues:

Finally, drones can also be used in areas where fire or drought restrictions make traditional fireworks illegal.

Since drones use electric motors and are powered by batteries, they don’t produce smoke or sparks – making them a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks shows.

The Limits of Drone Light Shows:

Drone light shows are cool but, like any technology, drone light shows have their limits. Understanding what those limits are can help event planners ensure that their drone light show is successful.

Let’s take a look at the different limitations of drone light shows.

Drone Safety Regulations:

The most important limitation of drone light shows is safety regulations. Every country has its own set of laws and regulations regarding the use of drones in public spaces and for commercial purposes.

Event planners should familiarize themselves with the regulations in their area before attempting to plan a drone light show.

In some countries, it may be necessary to register your drones before flying them in public or apply for special permits if you want to fly drones outdoors after sunset.

FAA Registration Screen
Always register your drone

Weather Conditions:

In addition to technical limitations, there are also weather considerations when planning a drone light show.

As mentioned above, high winds or rain can interfere with how well your drone operates during its performance—this could mean anything from causing minor hiccups in its flight path (which would disrupt the overall show) to crashing altogether!

Furthermore, foggy conditions can make it difficult for your audience to see the display clearly due to visibility issues caused by moisture in the air.

In general, it’s best practice to avoid scheduling outdoor performances on days when weather conditions could interfere with your performance—especially if you’re planning on doing an extended performance!

Altitude Restrictions:

To ensure safety and avoid interfering with other aircraft, drones must be flown below certain altitudes. Depending on your location, this could range from 30 meters (98 ft) up to 120 meters (400 ft).

Event planners should also be aware of any local ordinances or regulations regarding the maximum altitude for drone operations in their area.

How to Choose the Right Drone Show Company for You?

Here’s a breakdown of the things you should consider when selecting a drone show company:


When it comes to choosing a drone show company, experience matters. Look for companies that have been in business for several years and have accumulated plenty of satisfied customers along the way.

Have a look at their portfolio and make sure that they have experience in producing the type of show you’re looking for, small-scale events to large-scale productions.

Additionally, find out if they are insured and licensed by local authorities before making your final decision.

Safety Record:

No matter what kind of drone show you’re looking for, safety should always be your top priority. Before signing on with any company, make sure to ask them about their safety record and procedures.

Do they regularly inspect their drones?

Do they follow all applicable FAA regulations? Are there redundancies built into their system in case something goes wrong? If the answers don’t satisfy you, it may be best to look elsewhere.


Price is an important factor to consider when selecting a drone show company as well.

Different companies will offer different rates depending on the type of production being done and how long it will take.

It’s important to get quotes from multiple companies so that you can compare prices and ensure that you get the best deal possible without sacrificing quality or safety standards.

Are Drones Light Shows Safe?

Yes, drone light shows are safe when handled by a professional and experienced company. Before you book any show, make sure that the company is licensed and insured, has a good safety record, and follows all applicable FAA regulations.

Moreover, it’s important to ensure that they have redundancies built into their system in case something goes wrong during the show. By taking these precautions, you can rest assured that your performance will be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Putting on a drone light show can be an expensive endeavor but there’s no denying that they make quite an impression!

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or corporate event for 500 people or just want something special for your private party – understanding how much a drone light show costs is essential to budget correctly and ensure you get exactly what you want out of your event.

By considering all costs associated with putting on your unique display in the sky – from design complexity and the number of drones used to rental fees – you’ll be able to come up with an accurate estimate that fits within your budget. Good luck!


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