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Here Are the Best Drones Under $100: Have a Look

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Drone flying is an incredibly fun, exciting, and thrilling activity. In the past, consumer drones were only available for people who wanted to fly professionally because of high prices.

However, with time and advancement in technology, consumer drones with high-quality designs and epic features have become much cheaper and readily available for all beginners and professionals.

Drones under $100 are a great place for beginners to start. From the Drocon X708W all the way to the DJI TELLO, there are many drones that cost less than $100 but offer incredible specs, benefits, and value.

You might be wondering, what drones are less than $100 and still amazing in terms of features and value. Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the top 10 best drones under $100. I’m going to point out their features, pros, and cons so your buying decision can be made much easier.

So, sit back, relax, and read this article till the end.

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List of Top 10 Drones under $100:

Trying to find the best drone under $100 on the internet? It could be really difficult, however, you’ve come to the right place to look for them.

I’ve found some of the best drones in terms of price, specs, pros, and cons under $100, so you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at each of these top drones individually.

10. Drocon X708W:

When it comes to stylish build design, Drocon drones are definitely incredible even at cheaper prices. One of the best examples of amazing drones for less than $100 is the Drocon X708W.


Drone Battery:

For a smaller drone, the battery of the Drocon X708W is pretty long-lasting, allowing a flight time of about 8 minutes when charged fully.

Drone Range:

The Drocon X708W is pretty great for beginners when it comes to far control. The range of this drone is around 100 meters which is pretty impressive.

 Flight Speed:

Another surprisingly great feature in the Drocon X708W is the dual low and high flight speed options that come with this drone.

720P Camera:

The drone is equipped with a 720P FPV camera which is excellent for beginner-friendly camera drone operation and taking some fine 720P footage.


Build Design:

It is better than some of the other drones because it is small, compact, and beautifully designed which makes it easier to store and handle.

Multiple Flight Modes:

In the past, multiple flight modes like RTF and Headless Flight Mode weren’t available in such inexpensive drones but the Drocon X708W includes these modes.

LED Lights:

If you’re a beginner who wants to practice day and night, the LED lights are incredibly beneficial because they increase the visibility of the drone in dark environments.


Charging time:

For a decent flight time of 8 minutes, the charging time isn’t very good with over 60 minutes.

No SD Card:

It doesn’t include a Micro SD card in it which I think is a downfall if not a big downfall.

Drocon X708W with its controller.
Drocon X708W is a great beginner drone.

9. Air Hogs Extreme Air Board: Buy Now

There hasn’t been an as innovative consumer drone in the market like this one. With an instant air board drone to paraglider transition capability, the Air Hogs Extreme Air Board is definitely one of the best affordable drones on this list.


Drone Battery:

The charging time of this drone’s battery is around 30-40 minutes whereas the flight time that the Extreme Air Board comes with is about 5-7 minutes.

Drone Range:

The drone allows stable transmission over a distance of around 200ft which is respectable for such a drone that comes for this price.

Flight Speed:

The speed of the Extreme Air Board is great for indoor flight, however, it is lesser than other entries in this list.

2 ways to fly:

The best feature in this drone is the ability to change from drone to para glider with only one button. You can fly it as a Stunt Mode or a Para glider.


Fun Design:

Despite drones going for a more conventional quadcopter design, the Extreme Air Board went for a fun and cool paragliding air boarder design.

Good Charging Time:

In comparison to other drones charging for over an hour, this drone requires only 30-40 minutes to charge completely.

Stunt Options:

Using the buttons and the options available on the controller, you can do different air board stunts with the Extreme Air board.


Indoor Flight:

This drone is best suited for only indoor flying and isn’t ideally flown outdoors.

Slow speed:

The speed of this drone isn’t very fast because of the different add-ons in this drone not seen in normal drones.

Air Hog Extreme Air Board unpacking.
Air Hog Extreme Air Board can fly in 2 modes

8. Holy Stone HS200: Buy Now

Known for its incredible 4-speed modes as well as the 720P FPV camera, the Holy Stone HS200 is a decently designed high-quality drone that comes for a fairly low price.


Drone Battery:

The drone takes over 60 minutes to charge and provides a flight time of around 7-9 minutes which is better than some other drones in this list.

Drone Range:

The range of this drone is short. It only allows transmission control over a distance of 50-100 meters.

Flight Speed:

There are 4 different speed settings in the Holy Stone HS200 drone. You can choose whichever suits your skill and thrill requirements when it comes to speed.

Build Design:

The design is a quadcopter one. It is nice looking and fairly sturdy in comparison to some other drones in this list.


Multitude of Features:

From a one-button take-off and landing to one key RTF and much more, there are many features in this drone even for a small price.

Compact and Lightweight:

I’ve had a lot of difficulty handling bigger drones so the compact and lightweight nature of this drone really helps in handling it.

4-speed adjustments:

You can change the speed of the drone depending upon your requirement because there are 4-speed adjustment settings available in this drone.


Long charging time:

The charging time of this drone is pretty long even with a 7-9 minute flight time.

Not great for windy weather:

Since the drone is small and lightweight, windy weather can cause great damage to the drone.

Holy Stone HS 200 on the floor with its controller.
Holy Stone HS 200 is one of the top-selling drone

7. Eachine E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone: Buy Now

One of the most practical, compact, and high-quality mini quadcopter drones on this list is definitely the Eachine E010 Mini UFO quadcopter drone and you should definitely check it out.


Drone Battery:

When it comes to the charging time of this drone, it takes about 30-50 minutes to charge and gives a flight time of over 5 minutes at maximum charge.

Drone Range:

The range of this drone is also quite short. With a range of 30 meters, this drone can be controlled stably over a small distance only.

Flight Speed:

Like other mini drones, there are two-speed settings in this drone. You can choose between high or low speed depending upon your choice.

3D Flip:

The drone can perform 3D flips which makes for hours of drone stunting fun.


Quick Charging :

Even smaller drones take a long time to charge, but that’s not the case with this drone because it charges only in a small-time.

Compact Design:

Unlike other drones, you won’t have an issue handling this one because of the compact and small design.

Stable Drone:

With 6-axis gyro control, the drone is more stable and safer than other drones of similar size.



You can’t fly this drone too far because that might cause drone flyaway and damage.

Little Flight time:

Since the charging time is small, you can’t expect a very long flight time either from the Eachine 010.

Eachine E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone

6. Snaptain S5C: Buy Now

Snaptain is known as one of the best cheap drone manufacturers in the market for consumer drones. When it comes to the beautiful, stylish design and amazing Wi-Fi FPV 720P camera along with many other features at a small price, the Snaptain S5C is one of the best options you can choose.


Drone Battery:

The battery takes over 50 minutes to charge fully and gives a fairly decent flight time of around 9 minutes which is good enough for beginners and professionals.

FPV Camera:

The FPV camera is 720P and it can be used to take stunningly clear pictures and record incredibly decent footage if you’re good at controlling drone cameras.

Drone Range:

The range is better than some of the other drones in this price range because it can be controlled easily around 80 meters of distance.

Flight Speed:

There are 3 different flight speeds. Using the transmitter, you can choose between high, medium, and low speeds depending upon whichever you like.


Incredible Design:

There aren’t many drones that look better than this beauty. It is one of the better affordable drones that I’ve used in my drone flying experience.


Drones in this price range often skip out on stunt capabilities but with the Snaptain S5C you can not only perform rollovers but also flips and other stunts as it features headless mode as well.


Controlling drones used to be difficult for newbies but with the directional G-sensor built into this drone, you can control it using the directional movements of your smartphone using Snaptain Era application.


Long charging time:

One bad thing about this drone is the long charging time that it takes to fully charge.

No SD card:

There also isn’t a Micro SD card option available in this drone which is quite a bummer.

Snaptain S5C in black color with its controller.
Snaptain S5C

5. UFO 3000 LED: Buy Now

If you’re looking for a high-quality easy to control beginner-friendly LED drone for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, the perfect option for you would be getting the Force1 UFO 3000 LED multi-colored quadcopter drone.


Drone Battery:

The battery in this stylish looking drone is pretty great. It can keep the drone flying for as long as 10 minutes which is great for the price tag.

LED lights:

There are multi-colored LEDs on the propellers of the drone which make night visibility and the overall aesthetics of the drone much better.

Flight Speed:

There are 3 different speed modes available in this drone. You can change the speed depending upon the environment you’re flying the drone in.

Flips and Moves:

This drone is made for some exciting flips and moves. You can expect 360-degree flips and rolls from the UFO 3000 LED quadcopter drone if you’re looking for a professional experience.


Easy to Control:

Many drones aren’t that easy to control nowadays. With a single key lift and other straight-forward keys on the transmitter, this drone is definitely a great choice for beginners.

Night visibility:

It used to be quite difficult to keep track of the drones I flew before I got the brightly colored UFO 3000 LED drone.

Stylish Design:

Most drones in this price range don’t care much about aesthetics but this drone is stylish and cool when it comes to design.


Long Charging Time:

The battery is long-lasting but the charging time is also pretty long which can prove a problem sometimes.

Credit: USA Toyz

Eachine E58: Buy Now

One of the most decent and coolest designed, stylish, and high-end looking drone with a solid frame and a great 720P HD FPV camera, the Eachine E58 drone is definitely one of the cheapest drones you should keep an eye out for.


Drone Battery:

The battery timing of this drone is good. It can fly around 7-9 minutes when fully charged which usually takes around 60-70 minutes in total.

Drone Range:

If you’re talking about the range of the control then it can go over 100 meters but when in FPV mode, the live transmission can go as far as 30 meters.

Flight Speed:

There are 3 different flight speed levels that can be altered to perform different flips, rolls and jumps if you’re looking for a stunt drone experience.


The camera is a 2MP wide-angled 720P FPV camera which can be used to take beautiful shots and make amazing videos.


Epic design:

The design is very cool and stylish which isn’t something we see in many drones when it comes to high-quality low-priced quadcopter drones.

Easy to Control:

As a beginner, what you’re looking for is the ease of control and that is exactly what you get with the smart and easy interfaced transmitter of the Eachine E58.

FPV camera:

Many drones at this price don’t offer decent cameras but this drone comes with an amazing FPV camera.


Long Charging:

The charging takes around 60-70 minutes on the proprietary battery used in this machine and provides little output in comparison.

Struggles in a strong wind –

The drone is stable usually but strong winds can cause a loss in stability of the drone.

A Black Color Eachine E58 Drone.
Eachine E58

3. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3: Buy Now

When we talk about cheap and high-quality drones, we usually don’t include Wi-Fi FPV drones because they’re super-expensive, but Cheerwing has brought us the Syma X5SW-V3 which is truly one of the best Wi-Fi FPV camera drones in the market.


Drone Battery:

The drone comes with a 500mAh battery which allows for a decent 5-7 minute flight time, so you can fly around and have a fun time with your drone.

Drone Range:

The Wi-Fi FPV camera being used by the Syma X5SW-V3 can be controlled over a distance of 50 meters.

Flight Speed:

In comparison to other drones on this list, the Syma X5SW-V3 is a fast and agile drone that offers different flight speeds.

Build Design:

The design of the drone is sleek, stylish, and very premium, making it one of the better-looking drones on this list.


Ease of Control:

The controllability of this drone is very easy due to the beginner-friendly controls of the transmitter.

Epic stunts

Not many drones can stand head to head with the Syma X5SW-V3 when it comes to flips, rolls, and incredible maneuvers and stunts.


The drone is extremely lightweight and that’s why it is so great for beginner drone flight since no registrations are required.


No SD card :

The drone doesn’t come with an onboard SD card which can be a problem.

Extremely long battery charging time –

With a USB charger, the charging time is around 90-120 minutes which is an incredibly long time and could be a major problem.

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 with its controller which is not included
Cheerwing SYMA X5SW-V3

2. Hubsan X4 H 107-C: Buy Now

Hubsan makes some of the best consumer drones in the market. Their X4 H 107-C is one of the best affordable mini drones under $100 which comes with a lot of high-end features that you’ll love.


Drone Battery:

The H 107-C comes with a 380 mAh battery and lasts for around 7 minutes with a great charging time of around only 40 or so minutes.

Drone Range:

This drone is pretty great when it comes to flight range, and it can easily and stably be controlled over distances of even 100 meters.


The camera featured in the X4 H 107-C is a 720P HD camera which can be used for taking epic shots and high-quality videos.

Flight Modes:

There are two flight modes available in this drone. Depending upon your requirement and skill level, you can choose whichever model you’re comfortable with.



When we think about cheap drones we think of bad stability and control, but that’s not what the X4 H 107-C comes with. It provides stable control with the 6 axis gyro gimbal.

Little charging time:

The charging requirement of this drone is significantly smaller than most of the drones on this list.

Good for beginners and pros:

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, choose your flight mode and do a casual flight or amazing flips, rolls and stunts with this drone.


Flight time is small:

The flight time despite the charging time is little is very small. The drone can only last in the air for about 7 minutes which isn’t the best.

Credit: TOMTOP

1. DJI TELLO- My Choice too: Buy Now

In my opinion, the undisputed king of the list of drones under $100, is none other than the DJI TELLO. It is smart, compact, affordable, full of features, and overall a great product which you should definitely consider.


Drone Battery:

The drone features a large battery that is capable of flying the drone for about 13 minutes which is incredible for the less than $100 price tag of the TELLO drone.

Drone Range:

The max flight distance of the DJI TELLO is over 100 meters which is epic.

Flight Speed:

The drone is superb when it comes to speed control. You can go as fast as 17.8mph and slower depending upon your skill level and requirements.


With a barometer, range finder, 5MP camera, and much more, there are amazing functionalities available in the DJI TELLO quadcopter drone.


High-quality drone:

The drone design is amazing, the build is high-quality and the overall aesthetics, as well as the stability of the drone, is top of the line.

Amazing Camera:

With a 5MP camera, you can expect beautiful and stunning shots and recordings with the DJI TELLO.

Great Battery life:

The battery life of this drone is better than most of the drones in this list and overall in this price range.

Lots of features:

There are lots and lots of flight modes and features in this drone.


Weather dependent:

The bad thing is because of the compactness and lightweight design, the drone is highly weather dependent.

App isn’t the best:

The app interface of the drone isn’t the greatest with the DJI TELLO.

Ryze Tello AKA DJI Tello is the best drone under $100
DJI TELLO AKA RYZE TELLO is the best choice
















  100 meters+


     13 minutes


Hubsan X4 H 107 C

100 meters+

       720P HD

      7 minutes


Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

  50 meters+


   5-7 minutes


Eachine E58

     80-100           meters

         720P HD

   7-9 minutes


UFO 3000 LED


   7-9 minutes


Snaptain S5C

      80 meters

            720 P

 8-10 minutes


Eachine E010 MINI UFO

      30 meters


     5 minutes


Holy Stone HS 200

     100 meters

            2 MP

   7-9 minutes


Air Hogs Extreme Air Board

      200 ft


   5-7 minutes


Drocon X708W

     100 meters

             720 P

       8 minutes



Drone flying is an amazing hobby. And if you’re interested in adopting it, choosing a cheap yet valuable drone is amazing. Such drones work great in increasing the skill and ability of a beginner drone flyer.

I assure you that if you choose one of the top 10 drones under $100 from this list, you’re going to get the best value, price, features and your overall drone flying experience is going to be incredible. I wish you happy drone flying sessions.

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