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Why Drones Should and Should Not Be Banned?

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Flying a drone is not only fun but resourceful to many. This explains why unmanned aerial vehicles continue to increase each day.

The devices have been a massive game-changer to industries and people’s lives. However, there have been many controversies surrounding them, more so concerning safety.

Moreover, they have been known to intrude on people’s privacy, which has not been taken lightly by some people. Another argument about drones emerges from the fact that since one doesn’t require a license to fly one, they take advantage of that and fly them anywhere, including around airports which is risky.

However, do these reasons warrant the banning of drones?

If you understand how helpful these devices have been, your answer could most likely be no. The wide use of drones has been beneficial in various ways, including technological advancement and enhancement of security. They have helped many people, and therefore we can’t ignore the fact that drones are a vital part of society and the economy. Instead of banning, better rules should be put in place to govern how we use them.

Are you still not convinced why drones should not be banned? Please keep reading.

Why Drones Should Not Be banned?

Below are some benefits of drones that we can’t ignore.


The world depends on agriculture for food, and there has been a tremendous technological gap in the sector for long. However, the innovation of drones filled the gap.

Farmers across the globe have adopted drones and incredibly managed to improve their farming. Drones have also helped reduce the cost of farming more so the labor costs with farmers still enjoying increased yields.

On the other hand, they can quickly gather data and monitor the progress of their farming.

Emergency Response:

The incorporation of cameras and sensors into drones has been a significant game-changer in rescue missions. This is more so in places that are struck by tsunamis and earthquakes.

The devices have been used to track and locate people from positions where military helicopters can’t reach.

The other feature that makes them helpful in these missions is that they can work in dark places. This has brought a lot of effectiveness in the search and rescue operations.

The missions are now accomplished easily and within a short time, and many lives are saved. Additionally, unmanned aerial vehicles are being used to deliver supplies in areas that disasters have struck.

Filming and Photography:

This is one area that drones have really helped. Drone photography and filming is now a career with applications in marketing Real Estate, and Movie production.

Shots that needed expensive equipment and hours to get it right can now be easily accomplished using drones.

Shooting a film going on.
The role of Drones in film making is immense.


The roles of drones in safety surveillance can’t be ignored. They have come in handy, more so in public and crowded places through reporting of crimes.

In addition, they have been used in border monitoring to ensure no drugs are being smuggled into countries. Drones are intelligent devices that play a significant role in protecting countries from many issues that could affect their safety.

A drone with laptop on the construction site.
Drone technology plays a major part in surveillance


The intelligence of drones has been helpful in the military field. The defense forces use them to survey their target areas and establish the right way and time to attack.

This has saved the lives of military personnel since, after surveilling, they bring a report, and if the area is dangerous, they will put the mission on hold.

These aircraft have become a winner and brought an end to the military’s search for better and advanced ways to accomplish their missions.


Companies are the biggest beneficiaries of drone applications. They are now developing drones that can carry products with less weight capacity.

This has helped them save time, energy and cut down business-related costs. A good example is Amazon using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver ordered products to their customers in various places.

This dramatically saves time since the drones don’t have to beat the traffic common on many roads.

Maps Generation:

Global warming and weather effects have contributed to the constant change of global maps. Scientists have adopted the use of drones to determine any topographical changes by capturing the present images of the world. This is more so on the coastlines.

The photos that a drone takes from a particular place are put together to form one mapping system. You might be wondering why this is important, right? The generation of maps helps monitor the various changes that occur in a particular area.

Drones are also crucial in land survey in mapping boundaries, generating aerial maps and mosaics for use in other sectors. This kind of work needed airplanes which are expensive and not very flexible.

Improvement of Communication Systems:

This application is primarily for space agents who send drones to different parts of the world to enhance communication networks.

This could be for international companies or a particular network. In its use, the drone is suspended into the earth’s low orbit to boost wireless networks across a specific area of the globe.

The drones improve the reception of satellite and radar, thus making the transmission of information between networks possible and smooth.

Medical Fields:

The use of drones is also evident in the medical field in diverse ways. Licensed medical practitioners are using them to navigate patients’ abdomens to detect the cause of their abdominal distress.

Cardiologists are using micro-drones to search for materials that might have clogged the arteries. This way, they can establish their capacity and, uses the drones, capture the particles, thus preventing heart problems.

Additionally, the devices are used in endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures to determine what could be ailing the patients.

Credit: Newsweek

Underwater Applications:

Marine biologists are using the innovative technology of drones to navigate the deep sea and explore the oceans’ elements.

The devices guide the scientists in discovering new ocean creatures that the present society may not be aware of. An underwater drone can go at least 100 meters into the ocean and explore for a considerably long time.

A drone underwater
Drones are used to navigate deep sea.

Industrial Inspection:

Drones play a significant role of inspecting power lines, pipes, windmills, pipelines, fires, and even construction projects. This makes it cheaper, and easier to inspect inaccessible areas.

All you need is the right payload, mostly special cameras and sensors, and the right software to interpret the data collected.

Here were some of my points why drones should not be banned? Now let me tell you why drones should be banned?

Let’s go!

Why Drones Should Be Banned?

As I’ve discussed, drones can be quite useful. But with such versatility, drones have become a concern to people, with many fearing there are not enough regulations on the aircraft.

Many debates have come up and some are of the opinion that drones should be banned, especially from the public. Why should this be done, yet they have more good to offer than bad?

Let’s see some of the disadvantages drones can have.


Drones cause interruptions and pose a danger in locations where they are being flown. This is more so near sports stadiums, airports, or over areas that are crowded with people.

They easily evade safety measures, and you will see them buzzing in these places. Some even interfere with emergency operations, thus delaying them.

This careless and clueless flying can be costly since it is done without regard for safety or the set rules. It is because of these kinds of interruptions that drones should be banned.

Illegal Activities:

Drones have been used to cause harm and conduct various criminal activities. It is reported that since the innovation of UAVs, criminal activities have been on the rise.

Here are some of the illegal activities that are done by the use of drones.


Although the war against drugs has been intense in many countries, smugglers are still coming up with new ways to go through their business.

They have adopted drones since they don’t endanger anyone, and it’s also hard for police to shoot them down. Additionally, by using drones, the smugglers can avoid the intense border check easily. This has led to an increase in drugs smuggling crimes, especially in Latin America.

Drone on the ground with drugs
Drone caught carrying drugs by Mexican Police


This is another primary reason why drones should be banned. Technology has made the production of terror drones possible, and terrorists have geared up to their criminal activities.

Most terror drones feature video cameras and GPS, and the worst part about them is that untrained militants are the ones that operate them in bombing activities.

Trespassing The Prison Walls:

The prisons have not been left out either since drones have been used to trespass their walls. Most inmates are used to drugs and will go the extra mile to have them made available.

Drones are the easiest way to get drugs in prisons, and this might cause more harm. In other cases, these unmanned aerial vehicles are used by prisoners to escape from remand.

Imagine a scenario where one day they will be used to supply weapons. That is a disaster in waiting and a reason why authorities should ban the use of these devices.


Drones have been a game-changer in ensuring that businesses run with efficiency. However, they also pose significant risks, thus causing a negative impact on companies.

Most industrial drones are developed through simple computing; therefore, they are not highly secure. This makes it easy for hackers to interfere with the software and hack them, thus gaining control over it and hindering it from finishing its assignment.

On the other hand, some UAVs feature memory cards on which information is stored. If an accident happens and the drone crashes, the memory card and the information could be accessed by anyone. Leaked information is costly to an organization and can threaten its productivity and profitability.

Can You Hack a Drone And How to Prevent It?

Invasion of Animal Protection:

While we have good drones that help protect wild animals, ominous drones threaten their safety. According to various studies, wild animals register behavior changes when drones are being flown around them.

Some even experience increased heart rates, which is an indication of stress caused by the buzzing sounds of drones. In other cases, you will find birds flying into drones and end up hurt or killed.


There have been cases of drones colliding into people, mainly in a crowded place and causing injuries and damage to property.

Furthermore, drones collide with each other, especially commercial ones, and the situation is worse. Operating such unmanned aerial vehicles in areas close to people is dangerous and a reason why drone banning should not be a debate. There might be severe outcomes that will take time to overcome.

What Should Be Done?

The above discussed are reasons why unmanned aerial vehicles should be banned. This will reduce criminal activities and interruptions in various places.

The use of drones should only be allowed to organizations that conduct law enforcement and the military.

Laws should be passed to treat drones as dangerous devices whose advantages can’t be used to overlook the risks that they bring.

There are enough incidences already that confirm that UAVs are dangerous. A good example is when a drone was seen flying near the White House. What if it was armed?

Authorities shouldn’t ignore the fact that devices that can be used to deliver packages can also be used to deliver drugs and weapons.

The convenience they bring is nowhere near the harm they can cause. With their sophistication, people might spend much in the future to protect themselves against drones at a cost.

Some tech advancements against drones so far is the Remote ID, and the introduction of drone detectors and drone jammers which can help immobilize drones flying in restricted areas.

Geo-Fencing is also a deterring technology, but it doesn’t work in all drones.


So, should drones be banned or not? I think they have more to offer and they shouldn’t be banned. The greatest fear that many people have in regards to the use of drones is that of safety. Many feel that people with bad intentions can use them to cause harm in various ways.

However, the world will always have bad people, and therefore banning drones won’t bring any solution either. I have discussed the various applications of drones, and they are enough reasons why people should be allowed to use drones. However, clear rules and regulations should be put in place to ensure that people with ill motives are tamed.

Happy Flying!

Why Drones Should And Should Not Be Banned?
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