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What Kind of Cool Stuff You Can Do With Your Drone?

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The other day, I did a post on how drones are changing the business world. From military applications, delivery, AI, farming, professional photography, and even security.

But not every one needs a drone for that. Maybe you just want to have fun and do some crazy stuff. The good news is that you can.

You can use drones to cook, fish, make funny videos, entertain, research, race, participate in rescue missions, explore, and any other cool activity you can think of.

In this article, I discuss some cool and crazy stuff you can do with drones.

Drone Racing:

Are you a fan of MotoGP, or any other racing feats? Then you’ll enjoy drone racing. This activity has become quite popular with drone enthusiasts organizing races in abandoned buildings, forests, and a wide range of sceneries.

There are even leagues, such as the Drone Racing League, where you get to compete and stand a chance to win thousands of dollars.

You may need to build or customize a drone to meet the requirements, but it’s still a fun activity with a lot of adrenaline rush.

You can also monitor racing cars with drones, and it will be fun seeing your best driver winning. Try joining a drone racing club in your area and get to experience this technological fun.

Two drone pilots flying their drone.
Drone racing is growing rapidly

Search and Rescue Missions:

Drones have come through for many local communities during emergencies. They stand in as valuable assets that you can use in missions that need searching and rescuing.

This is because they offer a more significant and faster ground coverage, unlike when you use your feet. Also, drones can reach inaccessible places and make the mission easy and a success. Your drone can help if you fly it during such tasks.

Drone flying above the mountain with snow
Drones play a major role in search and rescue missions

Chase Storms:

You might be wondering why someone has to chase a storm. Interestingly, adventurous people and scientists are well known for such kinds of tasks.

However, chasing a storm is a dangerous affair because lightening might strike from it, leaving you dead or hurt.

On the contrary, by using a drone, this mission is achievable. Some drones are designed to withstand even powerful storms.

On the other hand, there are more advanced drones that are designed with radars and a technology that helps them feed you with information regarding the storm chasing mission.

If you have always wanted to know the science of storms, you should try a drone and read all the information on a screen.

Credit: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Locating Missing Pets in Your Neighborhood

Has your pet ever gone missing? I am sure it was a difficult evening for you, searching for your dog all over. The neighbors might have helped you, but the search was tiresome.

Fortunately, if your pet goes missing today, you can quickly locate it using a drone. However, you must ensure it is not flying above 400 feet or above people.

Additionally, confirm with the rules that govern your area because some areas restrict the use of drones. You will also come through for neighbors and friends in case strangers take their pets.


If you like exploring different places, arm yourself with a drone. It will take you to the highest mountain peak that you ever desired to climb.

With a drone, you can have a clear view of the calm ocean during summer. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you are not intruding on other people’s privacy by exploring public places only.

Photography Business:

Photography is a field of business where drones fit in perfectly. You can make a kill by engaging in drone photography. Offer your services as a freelancer to start with and do aerial photography and filmmaking for people.

This business can boom well in the real estate field because most agents will hire you to capture their properties and use the pictures for advertising themselves.

Also, you might have actors engaging you to help them establish an ideal place where they can shoot their movies.

Nevertheless, if you want to use your drone for this type of photography, you must ensure that its camera boasts a high resolution.

Such a drone will give quality pictures likable to your clients. Additionally, you must apply for a drone commercial use permit.

Aerial shot of real estate property with a pool.
Drones are used a lot for real estate photography.


Painting using a drone can be exciting for you if you are an artist. You can achieve this by laying large paper pieces down and attaching a brush to the drone.

The most exciting and fun moment will be when you dip the painting brush in the paint using a drone. It will be a whole new painting experience for you.

Capturing Special Events and Moments:

Have you ever seen how photographers struggle to capture that moment when the bride is kissing the groom? It becomes more challenging if there is a crowd surrounding them.

On the other hand, you can capture clear aerial footage of the moment with a drone. There will be no pushing yourself among the crowds since you will be controlling the drone from a distance.

There are many occasions you can use your drone and make money out of it.

Waste Cleaning:

If the sight of plastics puts you off, a drone will come in handy for you. It can be used to pick any plastic dirt within your area.

Drones reach areas where plastic litters are stuck and pick them out. This would be a great way to have fun as you engage the locals in keeping the surroundings clean.

An aqua drone cleaning all the waste from water.
Waste Shark, an aqua drone is used to clean all the trash from water.


The days when the door-to-door deliveries were being made are slowly fading away. Companies are using drones to make deliveries because they are fast and can carry more than humans.

You can deliver a pair of shoes ordered from your online shop to a client within no time using a drone. It is the most efficient and convenient gadget you can use for deliveries.

Amazon Prime Air: The Drone Delivery Service


If you have ever been into the bushes to hunt, you know how difficult it sometimes becomes to check out where your prey is.

Drones are the best hunting partner you can go hunting with. This is because they can check any possible area where the prey is. This will not only save your time but also increase your hunting accuracy.

Scientific Surveying and Data Collection:

Many research institutes have a difficult time when collecting data. You may help them if you have a drone by offering voluntary data collection and surveying services.

There are drawn routes that the drone is supposed to follow and collect the relevant data automatically. Once done with the collection and the drone has landed, you upload the data for submission to the scientists.

A good example of data collection is flying to a volcano, a place you or a plane can’t go, and collect data. National Geographic did that when exploring the Vanuatu volcano. They lost a couple of drones, but it was worth it.

How to Use Drones for Surveying?

Drone and laptop on a cinstruction site.
Drones being used for surveying

Creation of Virtual Tours:

Virtual tours play a significant role in any industry or local business. They help in enhancing security and monitoring activities. The best way to create virtual tours is by using drones. You will be able to see every corner of the commercial, industrial or residential premises while sited in your office.

Check the Condition of Roofs and Gutters:

When was the last time you had your gutters and roofs checked? It might be a long time, and the reasons are understandable.

However, with a drone, you don’t have to wait forever before checking the condition of your roof. All you needed to do is launch it, and it will check the state of the top and report back to you.

This way, you will know if there is a need for roof cleaning, gutter repair, or maintenance. Additionally, you can use the drone to establish the overall condition of your property in case you have insurance issues that need attention.

Excite The Local Children:

There is no better way to dazzle the children in your area than through drones. Once you launch it, you might have the whole town coming your way.

They will be requesting to fly it around the entire city. The most incredible part would be when you ask them what they would do with a drone.

Their answers will amaze you, with some saying that they will use it to scare their bullies in school.

Help Journalists:

Sometimes journalists find themselves in risky situations when capturing news. They might not capture accurate shots from the ground, primarily when covering news to do with violence and wars.

Nonetheless, using a drone can capture photos accurately without deploying a big camera crew team.

Help Soldiers in War Zones:

Drones have become great companions for soldiers in war torn areas. They use these uncrewed aircraft to identify spots where the enemies could be hiding and scout the battlefield.

In addition, drones help deliver weapons to soldiers in areas that can’t be reached by military vehicles.

Freak Out a Friend:

Friendships at times require some spicing, and you can use a drone to get the best out of it. You can visit your friend’s home and hide somewhere and launch your drone.

You will be dying of laughter as you see their reactions. However, be ready for some punching or insults once they get their hands on you. It will be worse if you attempt this on a stranger.

Help Lifeguards:

A lifeguard is a person who stays at the beach or pool and monitors people’s swimming activities. They also rise to occasion in case someone is drowning.

However, lifeguards might not be that accurate or attentive to see drowning people on time. But, with drones, it would be easy to detect drowning swimmers even before anyone notices.

Credit: Newsy

Monitor Traffic Patterns:

Drones are replacing traffic police officers in big cities. They help in tracking the traffic to decongest it. Also, these unmanned aircraft help city planners to identify the roads that need to be widened or resurfaced.

Wildfires Monitoring:

Wildfires can be a great tragedy, especially if strong winds accompany them. It becomes difficult for firefighters to monitor it hence a delay in controlling the fire.

However, monitoring the fire is made easy by artificially intelligent drones. With more accuracy, they can establish the intensity of the fire and predict its directions with ease.

Warehouse Inventory Inspection:

Drones are replacing human labor in warehouses with retailers embracing the use of drones. The cameras of these unmanned aerial vehicles can scan the code of each item to ensure they are well packaged, and their quantity is correct.

This makes it easy for warehouse attendants to establish why some things could be missing if they do. A drone makes the inventory process efficient, time-saving, and smooth.

Spy On a Cheating Spouse:

Mistrust in a relationship can be draining. But you don’t have to be in such situations, and that’s why you should use a drone to confirm whether your partner is cheating on you.

Ensure you launch it in a public place like a park or parking lot, as long as it’s allowed.

Help in Delivery of Essentials to Remote Areas:

Statistics have continued to confirm how people are dying due to a lack of food and medical care each day.

The cost of shipping essential goods to such places is high, and very few medical care providers are willing to go to such areas.

This is why governments should use drones to deliver products like food and medicines in those areas and save lives.

Advertise Businesses:

Advertisement is costly and hectic, especially when lifting banners in high places.

Investors should embrace drones for aerial promotion because such advertisements will reach thousands of people compared to usual advertisements.

They will also replace human labor and the cost used in such advertisements.

DJI Phantom drone carrying a banner.
Drone used for advertising


That’s right, you can use your drone to cook. This may be a bit risky, but it’s fun. You can use the propellers to peel carrots, potatoes or fruits, and slash vegetables.

You can drop items in water or boiling oil, or even attach egg beaters in all the motors and make 4 different mixes at once. Below is a video of how you can do it.

Credit: Autel Robotics


You can use you drone to fish whether on the boat or from the shores. You can attach a mechanism to drop the bait, and make the drone strong enough to handle the torque as you pull out the fish.

There are even drones designed for fishing such as the Gannet Pro drone series.

How Does Drone Fishing Work?

Below are some videos of people fishing with drones;

Credit: Fishingreminder


So, yes undoubtedly that drones are the in thing in the present day. The above discussed are various fun applications of drones.

But I know there are more out there if you dare to be creative. Some have built hover bikes, attached LEDs, attached BB guns, and many other projects.

What cool stuff have you done with drones? Please don’t hesitate to share with us.

Happy Flying!

What Kind of Cool Stuff You Can Do With Your Drone?
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