Drone X Pro with its accessories.

Drone X Pro Review 2021: Best Drone Under $100.

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In the modern day, finding inexpensive drones that are capable of recording videos and taking stunning stills is a pretty difficult task. But that’s what Drone X Pro tends to offer.

You might be wondering, is the Drone X Pro a good choice regarding baseline videography drones? Well, if that’s what you’re here to know, then you’re in the right place because that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Drone X Pro is a highly durable and affordable quadcopter capable of capturing the best memories you have in the form of photos and videos. It has a lot of features including Gravity Sensor, as well as multiple recording modes, all for quite a decent price.

But if you’re thinking of buying it, there’s much more you should know about it. In this article, I’m going to talk about Drone X Pro, its specs, benefits, how to fly it, pros and cons, and everything in between.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with this review.

A person holding drone x pro
Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro:

Drone X Pro is manufactured by an Estonian Technology company. They’re known for their innovative minds and long-standing drone technology prowess in Europe. Their drones are great in terms of overall value.

Although the makers of Drone X Pro might not be world-renowned, they’re very skilled and established in the drone tech industry. Their products are amazing in terms of quality, innovation, and affordable in terms of price.

Drone X Pro 2021 Review:

This is a very high-quality affordable quadcopter drone that comes with a foldable design, comfortable and easy flight-capability, and HD video and picture capturing quality.

This drone is super-durable, and made of very strong materials that make it quite a solid quadcopter drone choice, that too for a very fair price.

The drone also has a lot of recording modes and flight modes for you to check out so, you should definitely try it out if you get the opportunity.

What’s in the box?

I borrowed Drone X Pro a couple of weeks ago from a friend to review it. The Drone came in a very high-quality, durable, and decent-looking box, despite the small asking price of this drone.

Within the box, here are some of the main components I was able to find:

  • Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery
  • Spare Propellers
  • Prop Guards
  • Instructional Manuals

The Drone X Pro is a very nicely priced beginner-friendly drone so you can definitely say that all the tools and components that come in the box make sure it is worth every penny that you spend on buying it.

Drone X Pro with its accessories on the table
Drone X Pro unboxed

Is it a scam?

Due to the fact that there aren’t any clear popular mainstream company behind the successful Drone X Pro, many customers and drone enthusiasts tend to assume that it is a scam.

The official website doesn’t do it any favors either. But I’m here to tell you that it is completely and perfectly real.

I borrowed it and it was just as advertised. So, you must know that you’re going to be getting exactly what you paid for.

Unique Selling Point:

Well, what makes Drone X Pro such a good in value quadcopter drone? You might be wondering. That’s actually a great question and one that I’m more than happy to answer.

The fact that the Drone X Pro offers such epic features and inclusions in such a meager price is the main unique selling point of this drone. It is going to take you quite a long span of time to find a drone as good as this one in terms of overall value than the Drone X Pro.

Features and Specs of Drone X Pro:

The main reason for the incredible popularity and success of this drone is the vast variety of features and specs it offers.

Let’s take a look at some main features and specs of the Drone X Pro quadcopter drone to give you a touch of what it has to offer.


The Camera that the Drone X Pro 2021 uses is of 12 megapixels. It is a very high-quality pinhole camera that can capture amazing stills and record epic resolution videos.

The resolution capability of the drone is actually 720P HD. The frame rate of this drone’s camera is high, and you can expect pretty amazing picture quality from this small camera.


In terms of performance, the Drone X Pro is great as well. It is a very fast drone and offers great comfort, ease-of-use, and recordability that you wouldn’t expect from it at this price range.


The Drone X Pro comes with a gravity sensor that allows maximum stability. This drone knows its surroundings which makes sure that it doesn’t crash or lose its course.

It also works with Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it much more stable in comparison to other drones. Wi-Fi connectivity gives a much better stability than other communication media.

Remote Controller:

The remote controller of the Drone X Pro is a pretty decent one. It comes with a mobile holder that extends out of it along with one-key return, flips, rolls, direction control, as well as head-less mode, triggers and all the works.

The comfort level of this controller is neat. You can’t expect it to be the best in the world but at this price range, Drone X Pro’s remote controller does more than we expect from it.

A woman holding drone x pro.
Drone X Pro with its controller.


The battery comes included in the box. It is a large capacity 3.7V 500 lithium battery that is capable of providing a decent amount of flight to the drone. The batter capability is around 10 minutes which is fairly decent.

Flight Range:

If we talk about flight range, typically Wi-Fi connectivity drones perform better than other quadcopter drones. So, definitely the Drone X Pro also performs pretty decent.

The flight range of this drone is 1 kilometer. This is the distance that it can go without losing its Wi-Fi connectivity with the mobile that has the app turned on, on it.


The altitude range of Drone X Pro is quite amazing for the price that it comes for. This drone can fly up to 100 meters above standard altitude before it starts losing stability.


By quadcopter drone standards than popular drone manufacturing companies like DJI and Yuneec have set, the Drone X Pro surely outperforms the competition in terms of speed.

Drone X Pro comes with a flight speed of 12 meters per second. It is a fast drone and at its pace, it still records and captures amazing videos and stills high in quality and perfect in angles.

This drone also comes with a pretty neat dual-speed setting. You can switch between high and low speed settings depending upon where you’re flying the drones.

Included Modes:

The Drone X Pro comes with a pretty neat collection of flight modes as well. They’re not very difficult to learn, or deal with. So, even beginners can easily mess around with them. Here are the main modes included in this drone:

Benefits of Drone X Pro:

So, you’re thinking of buying the Drone X Pro for yourself; Well, you’re going to be glad to learn all the amazing benefits it has to offer which make it a better choice than many other competing quadcopter drones. Let’s check them out.

  • LED Nightlights – Competing drones usually don’t take into consideration the fact that drone enthusiasts lose a lot of drones flying in nighttime. The drone comes with LED Nightlights that aid night-flying without the risk of losing your drone.
  • 120 degrees Wide Angle Lens – The Drone X Pro also comes with a high-quality 120 degrees wide angle lens that helps you take pictures and make videos on a larger angle without cutting out any of the views.
  • Foldability – Although the Drone X Pro comes with a small and compact build, it is still packed with foldability, so there won’t be any kind of problem in terms of storage which you might face with other larger drones.
  • Beginner-Friendly – Typically, drones can cause a bit of problem to beginners due to complex interfaces and whatnot. Drone X Pro is a relatively easier to use drone that is beginner-friendly and offers simplicity to drone enthusiasts.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Wi-Fi connectivity is the main communication medium that the Drone X Pro uses. It is much faster than the typical radio connectivity that most drones come with, so you get a more stable connection with the drone.

Pros and Cons:

It would be a great decision for you if you check out the pros and cons that the Drone X Pro comes with before you make your final buying decision.

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages you might face if you buy this drone:


  • It is strong, durable, and robust.
  • Relatively cheap in comparison.
  • Records high quality videos and captures stunning pictures.


  • Flight time is a bit low.
  • The design is similar to other quadcopter drones.

How to Fly the Drone X Pro?

Learning how to fly this drone ; Well, lucky for you, I’ve made a complete how-to-fly guide for your very own Drone X Pro quadcopter drone. Let’s go through each of the steps.

Step 1: Turn the Drone and Remote On

In the first step, you’re going to turn the drone on. There is a power button on the back of the drone which will turn the lights on when the drone is turned on. The remote controller also turns on with the button in the middle.

You will hear a beep sound when the remote controller is turned on and only then will you be able to take the Drone X Pro for a spin. It is now time to move to the next step.

Step 2: Start the App

This is the part where you’re going to start the application. The FHD FPV application is compatible with the Drone X Pro. Turn it on and you’re in business.

You should also at this point connect your drone to your device through Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s no default password requirement, so you can easily make the connections.

Step 3: Learn the Remote Controller

On the remote controller, you’re going to find multiple buttons as well as the controlling analog sticks. You can use these sticks to control the direction as well as the movement of the drone.

Using the triggers, you can control the pitches and rolls of the drone. There are also headless mode triggers which you can use to truly master the use of the Drone X Pro for yourself.

Step 4: Fly the Drone and Experiment

Now it is time to fly the drone. You’re going to use the remote controller and the mobile application to their fullest. It is upon you to choose whether you want to go the easy route or the complex route.

Fly the drone high or low, fast or slow, perform stunts with it and record amazing footage. It all depends upon you now. You’re the master of your videography dreams.

Credit: IBP Reviews

How Did I Test the Drone X Pro Drone?

The drone testing approach I took is standard to protocol. Let’s take a look at the testing process that I followed while testing the Drone X Pro to ensure it was perfectly utilized.

Flight Test:

First of all, I checked the flight skills and capability of this drone using the remote controller. The ascent and descent of this drone is actually quite impressive fast and easy due to the single key take-off and return.

Secondly, the movement parameters were checked. The communication between the controller and the machine is quite quick and the roll as well as the pitch are perfect.

Testing Image and Video:

Now it was time for the image and video testing of this drone. As advertised, this drone came with 720P HD video resolution quality and a stunning 12MP camera for taking pictures.

The HD video and image processing as well as the different recording tools and options in this drone are on point. This drone performs exceptionally well for its price.

Aerial shot of a Tangerine field from a drone.
Shot taken from Drone X Pro

Testing Application:

The application that this drone comes with needed to be tested on its own to see how it performs. Surprisingly enough, it was pretty good. The interface itself wasn’t the most pleasing but the performance was.

It was quite a decent application, quick-paced, and perfectly responsive. The camera controls and settings are also very useful. So, we can say the tests were successful.

Is it worth the Hype?

After checking out the features, specs, pros and cons, and everything in between, is the Drone X Pro worth the hype it is getting; Well, I’d definitely say yes. It is an epic drone, easy to fly, and very affordable.

If you get the chance, you should definitely buy it because it has the potential of being the drone that teaches you the art of drone flying with tons of modes and features.

Where to Buy Drone X Pro?

Looking to buy the Drone X Pro quadcopter after checking out this review; Well, the good news is that currently this drone is available to all customers and enthusiasts on the Official Drone X Pro website.

You can order it anywhere in the world and the procedure of buying and receiving it is mentioned on their website. If, however you’re not looking to get the drone from their website, there’s also the option of going to Amazon.

You can find the Drone X Pro on Amazon where you can see if the delivery is available to your region. You’ll be able to buy this drone as long as it is available to be delivered to your region.

DJI Ryze Tello: Best Alternative for Drone X Pro

The Drone X Pro 2021 is a great budget quadcopter drone that comes feature-packed with amazing modes and options.

But if we were to take a competing drone that was just as good or even exceeded the expectations of drone enthusiasts, I’d definitely recommend the DJI Tello Ryze.

It is an extraordinary budget drone by DJI that comes with a high-quality 720P recording capability, along with a larger 13-minute flight time.

So, if you want to get a drone for yourself, and you’re not looking to get the Drone X Pro, you should definitely get your hands on the Tello Ryze.

A person carrying DJI Tello drone on his palm.
DJI TELLO is the best alternative to Drone X Pro.


The Drone X Pro 2021 is the perfect quadcopter for beginner drone enthusiasts. If you’re looking to learn the craft and you have a small budget, this is the go-to drone for you.

I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you’re going to have a great time with your very own Drone X Pro. May you have an epic drone flying experience!

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Happy Flying!

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